Social Network? Why?

July 27, 2012 by Lug_Nut · 49 Comments 

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Here’s an interesting Lug_Nut thought.

Communication is a very important to most, if not all RVer’s  With all the latest wireless technology , internet, smart phones, GPS location devices, etc, I think we are pretty well equipped. After all, we can contact and keep in touch with friends and relatives regardless in the world they, or we, are. Our family and friends network is complete. 

Not so, according to the multiple folks that Twitter and Face book off.   What’s up with them?  If they really want to let friends know something, why can’t they e-mail them?   You can do it in a multiple recipient if it is many contacts you would like to advise.  Instead, these lonely folks seem to need to post their life, perhaps in hope that they will be discovered as not a social dweeb!

Don’t these people have friends?  Are these people in that need to reinforce their popularity?  Are they insecure with their personal status?  I guess so.  There is no other reason why people would feel obligated to post everything they do, or are going to do, on any public site.  Oh yes, they will tell you it is secure only to those “Friends”, (Many of which they have not seen for years or may be never).  Hello!  Hacking your information is probably “Internet 101, to break into any or all of this gibberish.

This social networking is supported by commercial enterprises, and probably for good reasons.  If you owned a business, you would want to reach everyone you can.  Why would a private individual ever want to expose their life to any and everyone?  I can only assume that these people either are socially challenged or want to increase their popularity image, to others, or more likely to themselves.

Well, to each his own.  They can keep what they are doing and I will too.

Just Stirring The Pot  -  Lug_Nut  -  Peter Mercer

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Twitter Humor

August 10, 2009 by Chris Guld · 494 Comments 

Geeks on Tour:  Since my last post on ‘What is Twitter?’ I’ve come to further enjoy the quick and easy way that Twitter allows me to keep up with so many of my friends, contacts, and information sources on the web.  In the RV community, we follow: RVnet, GypsyJournal, boondockbob, walkaboutgroup, RVCookingShow, rvtravel, TheGoodSamClubHitchitch, RVBusinessMag, rv05, GoRVing, fmca_, calamityjaimie, and Cellular5.  If you’d like to follow them as well, all you need is a Twitter account, then click on one of these links and click the Follow button when you get there.  If you follow other RV related Twitter accounts, leave a comment and tell us about them. Read more

What is Twitter?

May 10, 2009 by Chris Guld · 492 Comments 

by Geeks on Tour: This isn’t exactly RV related, but Twitter can be used to keep up with the RVing community.  So many people ask me about Twitter, it must be time for an article.  I like to explain by example, so let me show you how I’m using Twitter.  I just visited my Twitter home page, and this is what I saw:


I feel like I’m walking into a room where there are lots of people milling about and talking.  The cool part is that these are all people I’ve chosen for one reason or another, it’s my special party room.  And they aren’t too talkative, just a few words about what they’re doing or what they’re thinking.  In less than a minute of glancing at my Twitter home page, I’m up-to-date with all the people I’m ‘Following.’

Let me introduce you around.  The first person you see at my party represents Public Earth.  These are people we met at The Rally.  They are launching a special website about places.  You can find and view these places using a Google Maps interface, store your places in your Public Earth account, and download them to your dashtop GPS for directions.  I think it’s something I’m really going to like – and I won’t forget about it because I’m following their ‘tweets.’

Next comes GypsyJournal – this is Nick Russell, a fulltime RVer, and a friend.  I usually follow his blog, but that takes a lot more time than just seeing him at my Twitter party!  Because of this post, I see that he’s getting ready to go to the Escapades – and we’ll see him there.

Now you see Charlene Li – I’ve never met Charlene.   She is an author and a speaker; a recognized expert in the new Social Media and what it all means.  I value her opinion.  She liked the new Star Trek … I’ll bet I will too.

EMasie is Elliott Masie.  I know Elliott from back in the 80s when he produced the Computer Training and Support Conferences and I was a speaker there.  He is a top thinker and trendsetter in the education field and I love being able to see what he’s up to in such an easy, quick, unobtrusive way.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy his tweets from India.

If you want to start your own party, just go to and sign up for a free account.  Then you can find other people who are on Twitter and click the ‘Follow’ button below their names, voila!  instant party.  If you also start writing some of your own tweets, you may find that some people start following you.  If you have a business, this can be used for marketing.  My latest tweet was about how I was looking for membership site software for my latest website … within minutes, I received an email that a membership site software business was now ‘following’ me on Twitter.  That means that I’ll show up in their party room, but they’re not in mine unless I follow them.

Do you need to be on Twitter?  Of course not.  But, if you’re already spending time online visiting people’s blogs and otherwise browsing – you may actually find that Twitter saves you time.  The blog can be followed on Twitter – see the link at the top, far right.  Once you’re looking at’s Twitter page, you may want to check out who’s at their party!  See who is following, and you may want to follow them too.  It is so quick and easy to fill your party room with people you enjoy.

So, what’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?  Facebook is a lot more complex.  I haven’t figured out Facebook yet.  Twitter is nice and simple – at least so far!  It allows you to write short snippets (tweets) about what you’re doing or thinking, it allows others to follow your tweets, and you to follow others.

If you’re interested in learning more about the phenomenon that Twitter is becoming, you can watch this video by the founder of Twitter, Evan Williams.

Chris Guld,

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We Need Your Help, O Mighty Readers

May 7, 2009 by RV Today Archive · 15 Comments 

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You Decide, I Report…Live From The Rally

April 14, 2009 by Brian Brawdy · 9 Comments 

I know it seems that everyone is on the way to The Rally here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But some folks, for a variety of reasons, are unable to make it this weekend. So here is what I propose.

How about a personal video update from me to you? Log on to Facebook or Twitter ( or and let me know, in 140 characters or less, what you would like to see from here at The Rally and why. Each day, starting Thursday, I will randomly choose a few suggestions and then post a video update to you on

Maybe there is an event or a new product you would like to see, perhaps an old friend you want to check in with. IT IS UP TO YOU!

Keep your Facebook posts & tweets coming throughout the weekend.

In case you are new to Facebook or Twitter, this is a great reason to join! They’re both easy, fast and free!


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