Tech- Troubleshooting with a test light

October 1, 2008 by Chris Bryant · 381 Comments 

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RV.Net Blog Admin

Jumpers and a test light. I hope everyone has been following Larry Cadman’s great series on electrical theory and multimeters , there is a lot of great information in them- good, solid theory, backed up with practical applications. A multimeter is an essential piece of test equipment.

But…. sometimes “low tech” is faster, better and easier, which is why one of the first electrical tools I grab when troubleshooting a 12 volt system is my trusty 12 volt test light.

Available for very little money, there are times when a simple test light is mandatory, and will find problems that escape even the most expensive meters.

Along with a few simple accessories, I’ll show you several ways to use this workhorse of the tool box

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Water Pump Troubleshooting

May 29, 2008 by Chris Bryant · 591 Comments 

Tech- Never Assume….

A quick post this week (only a day late!). Yesterday I made one of the basic mistakes in troubleshooting- not knowing how the system was supposed to work in the first place. While it only cost me about 20 minutes (of unbillable time), it could have been worse, and again taught me a valuable lesson.

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LP Appliances- Electronic Ignition Systems

February 27, 2008 by Chris Bryant · 4 Comments 


With the exception of pilot type water heaters and some smaller LP/Electric refrigerators, modern LP appliances in RVs are controlled by electronics, meaning the gas valve is opened, the flame is ignited, and the flame is “proved” (flame safety- making certain the burner is burning). These systems are used for a number of reasons:

  • No “standing” pilot flame to waste energy.
  • Set and forget operation- for refrigerators, automatic energy selection (LP or 120 volt).
  • Operation more like the home appliances

There are 2 methods of “proving” the flame. A purely electronic method, and what I call a “hybrid” method- both are in common use today, and both have specific troubleshooting steps to diagnose any failures.

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