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Nomads 125x125 pixelsOK – you are almost ready to hit the road. You have been planning your trip of a lifetime for months (or even years) now. For some you have a planned route with day by day stops pinpointed and booked, for others you just have a general direction of travel planned. You have purchased or built the motorhome, caravan or trailer of your dreams. You have retired, taken long service leave or just given up the job to fulfill your dreams.

When you get home again you will have some great memories and lot of photos. But what about the rest of the memories – where was that great campsite I found, how much did I really pay for fuel, what is the phone number or email address of those great friends we met along the way, or how much did the trip cost me. There is a great new tool for recording all the details of your trip.

Nomads Notes allows the traveler to record all aspects of a trip. Features include a day-by-day journal for chronicling daily activities; track multiple vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and fuel cost, nightly campsite details, locations and costs etc, as well as a photo album to record pictures taken, and a contacts list to record details of the friends you meet along the way. Other features include all expenses that you can categorize yourself, vehicle maintenance and radio and TV stations.

Here is a sample screen shot of Campsites (center). A trip log is on the left and a current trip mileage, fuel and expenses dashboard on the right.

nomad notes screenshot

There’s no need to worry about complicated formulas to work out your fuel economy or your expenses. Nomads Notes does it all for you.

Even if you want to use some parts of the program and record only your fuel economy, expenses and campsite information, you do not have to use the rest. It is up to you which aspects of the program you use.

The software runs on any windows platform. You can download it direct to your computer – no waiting for the postman to arrive. After sales support is offered by email, and a 100% money back guarantee applies. (See website for details.) You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Nomads Notes is practical, complete travel diary that provides organization without effort, makes the trip easier and provides the information in a concise format to share with family and friends that will be used as a reference for years to come.

For more information and screen shots see the Nomads Notes website or contact Gail at

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Firedude’s RV software review #2

February 20, 2009 by Tony Cornett · 17 Comments 

An RVer’s self compiling Budget Worksheet

In my first review I gave a very extensive review of RV Notebook which I feel is the best out there for RV’ers that I have found and very comprehensive. As mentioned though it does not work on MAC’s and hopefully sometime in the future it will.

In this review I’ll offer my own RV Budget Worksheet developed in Excel. I’m not sure, but I believe for the MAC users your Office version will convert it for you. If not let me know please. Obviously you must also have MS Excel installed on your computer. This particular one was done in Office 2003 and should be compatible with later versions as I’ve also used it in Office 2007. Once you download it, save as Worksheet2 or whatever you want to name it so if you make any mistakes or it gets accidentally deleted you’ll have a backup copy.

While not a full blown software program the Budget Worksheet was designed to help you track your expenses and was aimed at Full-timers and extended travelers , but can be used in general RV’ing as well to track maintenance costs and other items. I left it unlocked and open so you can adjust it and rework it to suit your own specific needs. It tally’s your figures for you which makes it much easier. It’s expandable and you can really adjust it for any specific needs. Unless you are proficient in Excel don’t change anything but the titles of an item and you should be fine. As it is it is great even for planning a vacation and listing, tracking and planning your expenses. A reduced “partial” screen shot below at bottom.

Again the doc is “unlocked” so you can highlight the heading where it says Your Name and replace it with a title you prefer. As well any of the fields that don’t apply to you can simply highlight that field and change the name to whatever you wish or leave it as is. If you make changes remember to “save” the form. You can also highlight my text at the top and bottom and delete it if you wish as it was placed there as reminders and guidelines only. Again any changes remember to hit “save”. The uses are limited only by you as I said the fields (titles) can be changed and for those more proficient in Excel you can have a field day. Changing the fields allows you to adjust it for your needs such as a onetime vacation trip to the full-timing lifestyle. You can save each changed form for example different vacations/trips or needs and if you backed up the original as I mentioned above it’s there and available for a new budget. This Budget worksheet was developed to give those interested a basic RV budget worksheet to start and expand with as needed.

Email me at and I’ll send you the checklist…

Click partial screen shot below for enlarged view.



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Firedude’s RV software review #1.

February 17, 2009 by Tony Cornett · 10 Comments 


I know you’ve seen me mentioned it several times, so I thought I’d do a review. It’s worth the information. Over the last 5 years it’s been a life saver for me and the great part id it’s all in one program. No longer to I have file scattered all over my hard drive, forgetting where they are. RVer’s Notebook was developed by, and was the brainchild and passion of, Mickey Ivey. First released in early 2004, the program has evolved tremendously from the first beta version, to become a highly successful tool for many RVer’s.  It is such a useful method of maintaining records for one’s recreational vehicle, tow or towed vehicle, and the travels made.  With thousands of copies sold and in the hands of RVer’s across America and Canada, it has become a valuable, reliable software tool for savvy record-keepers. Great for all RVer’s! The only downside I have found is unfortunately as of this time the software is not available to MAC users. Hopefully maybe sometime in the future they will have a MAC version. It is currently only available windows Windows 98 or higher versions. Read more