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September 30, 2010 by Lug_Nut · 28 Comments 

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IMG_1360Lug_Nut’s view of a growing technology.  Earlier I wrote about the adaption of using an Apple iPad in an RV for its application of a glass dash. If you missed it here’s a link   In addition to using this for instrumentation and of course navigation, there are other great features that RVer’s might find of interest.

There are times when we are exposed to harsh or adverse weather conditions from heavy rain, snow threats or even tornado activity.  In many cases our only window to the weather is what we can see while speeding along the highway.  Well, there is a way that we can really know what’s ahead, 5 miles, 50 or hundreds.  We are talking about weather radar.  A clear and easy way to view precipitation throughout the country, all in real time less, 10 minutes. This is a great iPad app (Application) that lends itself well to the RV traveller, and it is just one of what may be many.  The one-time cost of this application is $1.99.  This application requires WiFi to retrieve.

IMG_1357Travelling with large class A coaches or RV tow combinations can present some challenges for stopping along the way.   Travelling on the interstate highways can provide the manoeuvring required a each rest stop.  These rest stops however, can be found at random distances making it difficult to determine how far you must travel to the next.  The iPad offers the answer with an app containing every rest stop in the U.S.  Using its built in GPS system, this program can instantly tell you the next rest stop with both the mile marker and the distance.  This operates as a stand-alone requiring no WiFi or 3G cellular connection.  This application can be had for $0.99.

Similar to the rest stop application, there is an app that locates truck stops.  This will provide instant distances and mile markers to service stations including Flying J, Loves, Husky and more.  Again this one-time $0.99 app operates as a stand-alone method with no need for WiFi or cellular service.


So, you like to boondock at a Wal-Mart on occasion.  But, sometime as the day fades to night, it can be difficult to locate one.  iPad has the solution for that too.  An app specifically designed for RVer’s will instantly tell you where the next one near the highway is.  It also tell you if no overnight parking is in effect.  Again $0.99 is all this will cost you to download the data base.  This too needs no WiFi or other outside aid.  The GPS give all the information it requires.




Now, how about an app that will tell you where camping and RV parks are in relation to your current location?  That’s exactly what $3.95 will buy.  It also operates without the need of cellular or WiFi and displays sites in the U.S,, Canada and Australia.   You can ask it to show all camp types or just one, like RV parks only.   

One of the remarkable things about the iPad is the speed from turning it on to getting the needed information.  Unlike a laptop that requires time to boot up, the iPad is instant.  Literally in seconds you have your information.  

Anyway, these are but a few other great applications that may help you if you have or get an Apple iPad.    

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