ELECTRICAL – Respect Electricity – Play It Safe

July 31, 2009 by Fred Brandeberry · 6 Comments 

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RV.Net Blog Admin

Failure to turn off the Campground Post Circuit Breaker before Plugging in or removing your Electrical Plug could cause any of the following Safety Hazards:

1. The plug on your cord could arc and burn, damaging your plug, and injuring you.

2. The Campground Post Electrical Outlet could arc and fail from this damage.

3. This arcing could cause YOU personal injury. Less than 100 volts and 1/2 amp can cause your heart to stop.

4. If the Campground Post Electrical Outlet is faulty, or your RV Plug is damaged, a sparking Hazard could occur.

5. POLARITY: Check the Polarity with a Polarity/Ground/Open Circuit Tester BEFORE you plug in. Reverse Polarity can cause damage to the Electrical System and its components; such as Air Conditioner, Furnace, TV, Refrigerator, etc.

6. GROUNDING: Check the Campground Post Electrical Outlet with an Electrical Tester before you proceed to plug in your RV. This procedure also helps you identify the correct Circuit Breakers for the outlet you are using. Your neighbor will not appreciate it if you turn off their Electrical Power by mistake.

7. LOW VOLTAGE: Below 107 Volts AC; Using appliances and other equipment in your RV with a voltage lower than 107 volts can increase the amperage draw on that circuit and cause a fuse or Circuit Breaker to blow. Your convertor/battery charger and other appliances may not work at all, or be damaged by the low voltage.

8. HIGH VOLTAGE: Above 130 Volts AC; your Convertor/Battery Charger will most likely shut down automatically using a voltage above 130 volts. The lamps will burn out prematurely and appliances could shut down; such as the Refrigerator.
Contact Campground personnel if these conditions exist. DO NOT USE THIS SITE, until repairs have been made; or ask permission to use another site.

Happy Camping,
Fred b.

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Dear RV Doc,

Recently I was hooked up to shore power that had issues so I switched over to my generator. At one time the generator powered both roof air conditioners, but now it only runs one at a time, just like when I’m on a regular 30-amp service. Could it be something in the power system?

–Merle Reitz, (Lemoore, CA)

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