Do You Use and Appreciate Overnight Casino Parking?

June 3, 2010 by Lug_Nut · 27 Comments 

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PokerAnother Lug_Nut view.  There are many casinos throughout the country, many of them welcome  RV’ers to park and stay overnight.  While there are non-RV friendly locations like Atlantic City and Reno, the majority have out the welcoming mat for these large rolling homes.  Unfortunately their hospitality sometimes is abused by a small minority.  These abuses have, and may lead to restrictions or even total RV parking bans.  So what are these abuses and how can we stop or reduce them?

Boondocking 004Aging RV’s that may not even be fit for the road are parked for extended periods of time, some appear not even occupied.  Some of these derelict vehicles house mobile gypsies that have no intention of entering the casino or its other facilities for the purpose of spending money.  It’s just a place to park free.

A small percentage of RV’ers seem to believe it is okay to park there, disconnect their car, or trailer, and take off to go to other locations in the area.  Some of them visit relatives throughout the day and use the site only to return and sleep.  I have witnessed units being left unattended for several days as people must think it to be a handy storage site.  Most of these abusers do not give the business establishment any return, they just take.  One person I met that stayed several days in a casino parking lot, when asked if he had any luck, stated “They won’t get me in there, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere than give it to them.”  

A number of RV’s that visit casinos, Wal-Marts and other free overnight parking locations insist on using their hydraulic jacks.  Many times these are newbie’s that may not be unaware of the damage the jack pads can inflict on the asphalt. A little common sense can go a long way here, just don’t use your jacks.

Then there are the people that think the parking lot is a campsite.  They are easy to spot.  They have their camping chairs out, they are cooking on their bar-b-q and cocktail hour is in full swing.  All of this in a parking facility provided for patrons of a business that offers, gaming, drink and food.  What do they think, this is KOA Kasino?

Well, I guess it is easy to understand that if this minority keeps misusing this privilege, we will all one day lose it.   So, be a good guest and appreciate the kind gesture of the establishment for allowing us to stay overnight. Don’t over stay your welcome. Stay a day or two only.  Use their lot to enjoy their facility, not as a short term storage.  Don’t use jacks on their lot surface and keep the outdoor living for campgrounds.

So, what do you think?  Are you a user, or are you an abuser?  

Appreciation of The Privilege    -    Lug_Nut   -    Peter Mercer

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See the Jersey Shore on One Tank

September 9, 2009 by RV Today Archive · 4 Comments 

When a first-time visitor hears the name of New Jersey, their first thoughts might be of metropolitan sprawl and industrialization, neither of which conjures an image of the ideal vacation spot. But to those in the know, New Jersey has several pockets of beauty and plenty of fun and adventure to go around, which keeps visitors coming back year after year. This One Tank RV Trip from Woodall’s runs along the Southern Shore region, a place with something for everyone, from family fun to a romantic getaway for two. Spend a day walking up and down miles of sandy beaches, or enjoy any of the dozens of attractions that are just waiting for you.

NJ-route-mapCape May
In the southernmost part of the area, Cape May is famous for its Victorian architecture. The Emlen Physick Estate is a fully-restored 19th-century mansion that is now a museum showcasing the Victorian lifestyle. The Carriage House Gallery is a must-see spot for the art lover, with various traveling exhibits that change with the seasons. Combine this with a trolley tour of the historic district to maximize your Victorian experience. The Cape May Lighthouse is another popular stop for visitors, and those who make the climb to the top of the lighthouse are treated to a spectacular view of Cape May Point and the Jersey Shore.

Atlantic City
Head up the Garden State Parkway for nearly 40 miles, then take the eastbound Atlantic City Expressway for another 8 miles until you reach Atlantic City. This is a city that needs no introduction; its history and reputation tell the tale, as the “Las Vegas of the East.” Naturally, our first thoughts run to casino gambling, world-class entertainment and the never-ending buffet selections, but Atlantic City has far more to offer than that. The historic Atlantic City Boardwalk is a must-see destination, with its classic arcade and Garden Pier, along with a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and the Central Pier Speedway. There are also plenty of outfitters to rent bicycles or canoes and kayaks for your maximum enjoyment. The Atlantic City Outlets is an excellent place to find bargains from top-name stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic and many, many others.

Jersey City
Getting back on the Atlantic City Expressway, follow it west until you reconnect with the northbound Garden State Parkway. Take the Parkway for 26 miles until you come to the New Jersey Turnpike, which takes you the remaining 15 miles into Jersey City. With everything there is to do here, you may want to allow a few days to experience as much of it as you can. A favorite activity is to take a cruise across New York Harbor, which offers you a spectacular panoramic view of Manhattan and Ellis Island. Make sure your camera is charged and ready – this is a chance to get some truly memorable pictures.

atlantic-city-beach-front-daytime-skylineSpeaking of the islands, a short ferry ride takes you to Ellis Island, the immigration point that has processed more than 12 million American citizens. The Immigration Museum tells the story with interactive multimedia exhibits such as the Living Theater, along with an incredible array of articles and photos. The Statue of Liberty, of course, is an absolute don’t-miss attraction and offers visitors a tour of the inner workings of this magnificent monument. The observation deck is open to the public, and visitors can witness one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Where else but New Jersey can your vacation experience run the gamut from beachcombing to casino gambling, followed by a harbor cruise and a tour of one of the most historically important monuments in the world? There’s so much more to the Garden State than meets the eye, and so much more natural beauty waiting to be explored.

Where to Stay: Located midway between Atlantic City and Cape May, Ocean View Resort Campground is a great place for family camping on the Jersey Shore. It’s close to area attractions and features full hookup RV campsites for even the biggest rigs. Winding River Campground in Mays Landing has spacious, shaded RV campsites and offers canoe and kayak rentals. Up in Jersey City the Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park features handicap accessible RV campsites with full hookups (30/50 amp) and views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

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