VIDEO: How to TURN OFF the Ford F250 “Autolock” Feature

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminOn our YouTube Channel ( we recently demonstrated how to program a spare keyless remote ( in a Ford F250. This got me thinking about our F250’s autolock feature. CLICK THE PIC TO WATCH THE VIDEO! On paper, autolock is a nice feature – the doors automatically lock once the truck moves faster than 5 MPH. It makes sense in theory. There’s only one problem with autolock: it often succeeds in locking me out of the vehicle. Doh! To be more accurate, autolock succeeds in locking both doors – driver side and passenger side. I can’t count how many times I’ve stopped the truck, gotten outside, and approached the passenger door only to find it locked. Our F250 has no keypad entry on the passenger side; it’s only on the driver side. So if I’m locked out on the passenger side, I must make the long long trek back to the driver side. I know it’s a First World Problem, but it’s a problem nevertheless. The upshot? I’d remove an annoyance from my life if the autolock was disabled. Well... Read more

LOSE WEIGHT the Delicious Way

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When our bathroom scale started looking like the national debt counter, we began exploring more healthy ways to cook. Towards this goal, one of the best kitchen gadgets we’ve found is the Chef’n Sleekstor VeggiSteam Silicone Steamer ( Out with the Fry Daddy – in with the Steam Mama! This inexpensive little gadget helps you lose weight in the most delicious fashion imaginable. So easy, even I can use it! (Click the pic for more info.) The Sleekstor is a simple vegetable steamer that works like a charm. It’s great for an RV since it takes up very little storage space, and is easy to clean. Even though it’s microwave safe it also works with propane heat (which is how we typically use it on our Airstream stove). It’s nonstick, and if we had a dishwasher in our Airstream we’d wash it there without worry. The “secret” is in the silicone. The steamer is constructed of heat resistant silicone, another modern material that’s improving our lives. (I guess if we’re giving a Nobel Prize to the guy who invented microfleece, we should also give one to whoever concocted silicone). It withstands heat up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. It won’t scratch nonstick surfaces, so it’s safe for all of your cooking pots. The Sleekstor is so easy to operate, even I can do it. You simply place a little water in a small pot, insert the steamer, and place your veggies on top. In about 5 minutes you can have perfectly steamed... Read more

NASCAR RV Camper Killed by Carbon Monoxide

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Every RV needs to be equipped with a well functioning carbon monoxide detector like the Kidde KOSM-B ( Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that causes thousands of deaths each year in North America. Breathing in carbon monoxide is very dangerous. It is the leading cause of poisoning death in the United States. RV campers are especially vulnerable to carbon monoxide exposure. This is the LP gas detector installed in our Airstream. Since it’s over 10 years old, we’ll add one of the Kidde duel smoke / CO detectors to supplement this unit. (Click the pic for more info.) DEATH AT TALLADEGA Recently a carbon monoxide poisoning tragedy occurred in the RV camping area at NASCAR’s world famous Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. One man was killed, while his wife is in critical condition. The Talladega County Sheriff’s Department said the 46-year old man died at a campground outside the racetrack. He and his 38-year old wife were discovered one morning unresponsive by friends. The wife was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where she remained unconscious and in critical condition. Sadly, the poison managed to shut down many of her internal organs. Even if she survives this ordeal, it’s possible she has suffered irreparable brain and heart damage. What happened? Police said that carbon monoxide apparently leaked from the exhaust system of the family’s RV. The RV had a broken exhaust pipe on its generator, which was left running... Read more

VIDEO: Grease Your Trailer Wheel Bearings

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Here’s a VIDEO ( we produced with the guys at Dixie RV Superstores about the importance of regularly inspecting and applying fresh grease to trailer wheel bearings. Recently we’ve heard of two separate instances in which trailer wheel bearings have failed due to lack of grease. When a wheel bearing fails, the wheel falls off! This can cause massive damage to the trailer and might trigger a terrible accident. It’s extremely important to regrease trailer wheel bearings every 8000 to 12,000 miles. Click the link to see the video. Enjoy!  Read More →

REVIEW: Trailer Aid Tire Changing Ramp

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Over the years, we’ve purchased many RV products. Some are more useful than others. The Trailer Aid Tire Changing Ramp has proven its worth on more than one occasion. You can see it in action in our new video. The only thing really predictable about tire trouble is that you will eventually experience it. You don’t know exactly when or where it will happen. But someday you will be stuck on the side of the road with a flat or blown tire. It happens to all of us. It’s a guaranteed event. It happens to all of us. If you are towing a trailer and it happens, you’ll be glad you own a Trailer Aid Ramp. This ramp is specially designed to aid tire changes on travel trailers. Trailer Aid allows you to jack up your trailer without using a jack. After loosening the lug nuts on the failed tire, you simply pull your trailer onto the ramp with the good tire. The failed tire is lifted clear of the road, allowing for an easy tire change. Flapping bits of steel belted radial are not kind to your trailer. When tire professionals are working on our rig, we insist they use our Trailer Aid instead of a jack. Not only is the Trailer Aid ramp easier than using a jack, there’s less chance of damage to your rig. It’s simply a safer method of lifting the trailer. (Sometimes travel trailer axles and undercarriage can be damaged if improperly jacked.) It's simple, easy, and effective. When you need it, you'll be thrilled you have it. The Trailer Aid Tandem Tire... Read more

Do you own a WEATHER RADIO?

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Do you own a weather radio? It’s that time of year again, when our news is dominated by reports of severe weather nationwide. In recent years, we’ve seen heavy springtime tornado and flood activity. Sometimes the impact upon RV campers is heartbreaking. As much as we love RV camping, we all know that RVs do not offer safe shelter from severe weather. In fact, RVs are just as vulnerable to severe weather as any other vehicle. A powerful tornado can lift the largest Class A motorhome like a child’s toy. Even some thunderstorms possess straight-line winds between 100 and 150 MPH, winds that topple trees and carry dangerous flying debris. VIDEO: PROGRAMMING A MIDLAND WR300 WEATHER RADIO Tornadoes, floods, thunderstorms and lightning are not to be taken lightly. Each of these weather conditions can create life threatening situations. On our own website, Long Long Honeymoon, we have a Severe Weather Survival page with a list of Ten Tips for Surviving Severe Weather – plus a couple of instructional videos (one of which you seen here). It’s crucial that you stay informed of changing weather developments while you are RV camping. That’s why we own a MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio. We bought it after experiencing severe weather in Michigan while camping in our Airstream. Overall, we have been happy with the WR300. It has never failed to grab our attention when severe weather is approaching. This sucker gets LOUD! The WR300 offers AM/FM functionality along... Read more

VIDEO: Alaska Flood – Emergency Airstream Repair!

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In 2012, we towed our Airstream on a 14,000 mile road trip. We traveled 5000 miles from Alabama, exiting the United States from Montana, branching through Alberta, and then along the Alaska Highway through British Columbia, and the Yukon, all the way up to the Alaska border. Then we drove around the Alaska interior (visiting Tok, Fairbanks, Denali, Palmer, Wasila, Anchorage, Homer, Portage, Seward, Glennallen, Haines, and Skagway) for another 3000 miles. Then we towed down the Cassiar Highway through British Columbia another 3000 miles to California. Then we made our way home over the course of another 3000 miles. According to our odometer, it was about 14,000 miles from start to finish. “Wasn’t that trip hard on your rig?” you may ask. Indeed, it was a bit hard on our rig. Although we never suffered a major catastrophe to our Airstream, nor did we emerge unscathed. (Our truck did suffer a catastrophe; more on that subject later.) Of course the general assumption is that the widely feared Alaska-Canada Highway (also known as the “Alcan”) is hell on all vehicles. It gained its legendary reputation in the 1940s, when it was carved out of Canadian wilderness by the U.S. military over the course of six frenetic months. What kind of 1700-mile road can you build in six months? Read more  Read More →

Using MovieMaker for your Slideshows and Videos

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How many of you have a camera that takes video.  A bunch, right?  Now, how many of you ever put that video together with pictures and music and made a movie that you can enjoy showing to others?  Not so many, huh? Let’s give it another shot OK?  Windows MovieMaker 2012 is really quite simple if you take it slow.  Don’t try to import 2 hours of video and edit it down to a 5 minute movie right away.  Start by learning how to do slide shows with your pictures.  Windows MovieMaker is a free program from Microsoft, it is part of what was called Windows Live Essentials, now it’s just Windows Essentials.  If you don’t already have it,you can download MovieMaker here.  Even if you do have it, check the version, it was upgraded and improved in August of 2012.  It is now version 2012. Import the pictures with the ‘Add Photos and Videos’ button Drag the pictures into the order you want Set your timing.  Each picture can have it’s own duration, or you can select all the pictures and enter the duration for all of them.  The easiest way to select all is with the Ctrl-A shortcut.  If you don’t set your own duration, the default is 7 seconds – much too long. Set your transitions.  Same thing, you can do them one at a time, or all at once by clicking ‘Apply to All’.  Transitions are on the Animations tab. Just hover over each one and you’ll see what it does.  Once you click it, the selected picture will show a gray triangle on its left side indicating... Read more

VIDEO: How Do Astronauts Go to the Bathroom?

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Note: We’re currently exploring Alaska (shooting a feature length documentary about our journey). In the wake of Neil Armstrong’s death, here’s a look at our visit to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, in which we answer the pressing question: “How do Astronauts go to the bathroom?” Don’t forget to wink at the BLUE MOON this weekend! Also, if you are interested in LLH and our travel antics, we encourage you to visit and “LIKE” our Facebook page. Like us! Really like us! The author's ebook about RV camping can now be borrowed FREE in the Amazon Kindle Lending Library (for Amazon Prime members using real Kindle devices). Even if you don't have Amazon Prime, it's only $2.99!  Read More →

RV 101® What to do After the RV Trip?

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Copyright RV Education 101 When you return from a trip and you’re not going to use the RV for a while you need to drain the entire water system to prevent it from getting stale and musty. You can start by draining the water heater. If the water heater has an electric mode make sure it is in the “off’” position before you drain the water heater tank. It’s a good idea to turn the breaker for the water heater off, so the switch doesn’t accidentally get turned on with no water in the tank. Now go to the outside compartment where the water heater is located. The drain plug, or petcock is normally located in the bottom left hand corner or bottom center. Remove the plug and open the pressure relief valve on top of the water heater to assist in draining. (See Caution below) If you have a Suburban water heater you will need to remove the anode rod with a 1 -1/16 inch socket to drain the tank. The anode rod is designed to help prevent corrosion and protect the tanks steel lining. Corrosive elements in the water will attack the rod rather than the tank. Inspect the anode rod every time you remove it to drain the tank, and replace it when 3/4 of the rod is consumed. Atwood water tanks do not require an anode rod and use a nylon drain plug because the tank is made of aluminum. Caution: Never drain the water heater when it is hot and/or under pressure. Turn off any water going to the RV, to include the water pump, and open a hot and cold faucet to relieve water pressure. Allow... Read more

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