VIDEO: How to Back Up a Travel Trailer

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminA few years ago we posted a video on our YouTube Channel revealing our “secret sauce” for backing up a travel trailer. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you’ll never miss an update.) Quite simply, there’s a simple technique that makes things go MUCH easier. Once we mastered this simple technique, any problems with backing up our rig pretty much went away. Now we have created a “sequel” of sorts to that video. Our new video goes into more detail with regards to our own trailer backing technique. If you attend any RV shows or events, you’re certain to see this technique in action. I’m sure that all experienced RV campers have their own routines for this sort of task. Our goal with this video is to outline our own routine. CHILD'S PLAY: With experience and THE SCOOP (tm), you too will master the art of backing up a trailer rig. We’re not saying that we know everything there is to know about backing up a trailer rig. There’s always something new to learn. But at this point, we’ve backed up our own... Read more

“Drone Crashes in Yellowstone National Park!”

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Like many photographers, in recent years we’ve acquired a drone for aerial shots. Our drone of choice is the popular DJI Phantom series (, but there are many such products on the market. What is a drone? Simply stated, it’s a remotely controlled flying device, usually some form of quadcopter, that’s often equipped with a camera. Drones allow us to capture sky high images from RV shows and events that previously would have been unobtainable. They are wonderful storytelling tools. It looks a little scary, eh? (Click the pic for more info.) As a drone owner, I appreciate the incredible promise of this new technology. Since we purchased our own drone, we’ve integrated the shots into our video and photo projects on our website Long Long Honeymoon, and they have provided a fresh new perspective. Drones are already being used in search and rescue efforts (they are much cheaper to operate than helicopters). Amazon claims they may someday be used to deliver packages. Like it or not, drones are becoming more common in our lives. The only guarantee with technology is that it will continually improve. When we acquired our own drone, I was immediately impressed with its incredible potential. “This is the coolest tech gadget I’ve bought since my original iPhone, “ I told my wife. “In five years, these things will either be everywhere, or they will be illegal.” GUNS ARE OKAY. DRONES? NO WAY!? It didn’t take five years for my words... Read more

Get Together with RVillage

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by Chris Guld, We are here at the Fairgrounds in Perry, GA (in the rain) getting ready for a week of seminars and fun at the FMCA Convention.  We will have an informal get together this evening at 5 in the Multi-Purpose building by the Geeks on Tour table and the computer help desk area.  How did we arrange this get together?  With a new website meant specifically for just this purpose.  It’s called RVillage.  It’s for RVers, but we pronounce it like Our Village, a social network just for RVers. Now, before you immediately say, “I don’t need another social network” check out the special features offers.  Each one who joins RVillage can easily ‘check in’ whenever you pull into a new RV park, and when you do, you get an icon on the map so friends can easily see where you are.  You can also join all sorts of special groups within RVillage.  Here is a map of just the RVillagers who have added themselves to the Geeks on Tour group.  And, notice that clicking on one icon shows you the details of who that is: Whenever you check into a park, you can immediately see if any other RVillagers are there and if any get-togethers are planned.  So, for example, here at the Georgia Nat’l Fairgrounds, there are currently 9 people checked in, and there are two get-togethers planned. is a brand new website.  It’s been in private development for 6 months or so.  It just opened to the public... Read more


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By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers Yesterday I was macerating.  What’s that, you may ask.  Check out my website at for a full explanation with photos.  I first learned about it six years ago in Key West but didn’t try it until this week.  Monique are I are in the throes of preparing for 10 days in the high desert of Arizona, where we will witness an expanse of nothingness blossom, beginning with the huge white canvas tent already up and awaiting us and up to a million folks with interests common to yours.  That cavernous tent will contain endless RV-related booths [look for us behind booth No. 401 next to one of the western entrances].  Outside on the perimeter of the tent will be more service and product vendors including gem and mineral sellers, plus a long RV repair garage.  Beyond that is free parking flanked by hundreds of flea-market-type booths. Me leaving the show a couple of years ago -- OVERLOADED! Across Interstate-10 is the desert town of Quartzsite, which, in addition to rock and “collectibles” shops now has fast-food restaurants and cafes, groceries, gas stations and other essential services.  On down the road … or really roads … are private RV parks (we’ve heard differing stories about whether there are spaces available or not) and radiating outward even further are miles of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) scrub lands, where RVers park for free, boondocking... Read more

Geeks at The Rally in Atlanta

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This past week we (Geeks on Tour) were at the Camping World / Good Sam Rally held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  We were parked in the Infield, along with a few hundred of our close RVing friends!  Another 1-2,000 RVs were parked outside the track area. It was just a short walk to the tent that served as our seminar room for the week.  The topics we taught included: Get to Know your iPhone/iPad Get to Know your Android Phone/Tablet Technology for Travelers to Plan, Preserve, and Share your Travels Managing Digital Photos with Picasa Every RVer Needs a Blog Facebook for Travelers Smartphones/Tablets Overview for Travelers Video Editing with Movie Maker We gave 14 classes in all over the 5 days of the rally.  Four of them were our special hands-on classes for iPhones/iPads and Android devices.  We kept registrations under 20 people so they could get personal attention as we gave them exercises to do. There was only once that we left our tent and wandered around the vendor Exhibit hall.  We were happy to see the TechnoRV booth looking busy and a big smile from Ally handling business while Phil and Tracey are still in England. We did take advantage of the Entertainment on Friday night and went to see the Beach Boys.  They were great!  And it was a beautiful evening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Here’s a little video: Beach Boys at The Rally The last night we breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a nice dinner and bottle of wine with our parking lot neighbors... Read more

REVIEW: What’s Better than WD-40?

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After many years of RV ownership, attending many RV shows & events, we’ve found a few products that are especially handy. One of the most useful is Boeshield T-9. It’s like WD-40, but even better. Boeshield offers superior corrosion protection and lubrication. Boeshield T-9 was developed by Boeing to help maintain aircraft. When you think about the environmental extremes that aircraft endure, it makes sense that the company would develop some high quality maintenance products. The same properties that make it so useful on airplanes apply to RVs (and guns, tools, bicycles, cars, etc.). If it’s made of metal, it will probably benefit from Boeshield. BOESHIELD T-9 was developed by Boeing to maintain aircraft. It works great on RVs! (Click the pic for more info.) There’s paraffin inside the Boeshield formula. Unlike many consumer products, Boeshield dries to a thin waxy finish and a treatment lasts for months. The waxy finish is a key benefit of Boeshield. It helps secure the product to the metal. After applying Boeshield, you will enjoy the benefits of waterproof lubrication for a long time. Here’s a list of a few places on our RV where we’ve sprayed Boeshield T-9: -Door step (helps extension & retraction) -Hitch assembly and chains -Door hinges -Scissor jacks -Aluminum skin (helps prevent filiform corrosion) -Key locks (works wonders on sticky locks) -Awning arms -Exterior storage compartments -Bedroom (just kidding!) Pretty much any metal... Read more

REVIEW: Trailer Aid Tire Changing Ramp

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Over the years, we’ve purchased many RV products. Some are more useful than others. The Trailer Aid Tire Changing Ramp has proven its worth on more than one occasion. You can see it in action in our new video. The only thing really predictable about tire trouble is that you will eventually experience it. You don’t know exactly when or where it will happen. But someday you will be stuck on the side of the road with a flat or blown tire. It happens to all of us. It’s a guaranteed event. It happens to all of us. If you are towing a trailer and it happens, you’ll be glad you own a Trailer Aid Ramp. This ramp is specially designed to aid tire changes on travel trailers. Trailer Aid allows you to jack up your trailer without using a jack. After loosening the lug nuts on the failed tire, you simply pull your trailer onto the ramp with the good tire. The failed tire is lifted clear of the road, allowing for an easy tire change. Flapping bits of steel belted radial are not kind to your trailer. When tire professionals are working on our rig, we insist they use our Trailer Aid instead of a jack. Not only is the Trailer Aid ramp easier than using a jack, there’s less chance of damage to your rig. It’s simply a safer method of lifting the trailer. (Sometimes travel trailer axles and undercarriage can be damaged if improperly jacked.) It's simple, easy, and effective. When you need it, you'll be thrilled you have it. The Trailer Aid Tandem Tire... Read more

VIDEO: Talk RV Camping with Country Music’s LONESTAR

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As fans of our “Long Long Honeymoon” Facebook page learned this morning, we have a new video interview with Keech Rainwater, the drummer of the country music band Lonestar. Lonestar is currently celebrating its 20th year. For more than two decades the boys from Texas have been cranking out radio-friendly country hits. Songs like “Amazed” and “What About Now” have led the band to huge success. Together they have toured the world. Click the pic to "get hitched" back stage with country music superstars LONESTAR. But when they aren’t touring, at least one member of the band likes to go RV camping! Here’s a link to our post with the video: LET’S TALK RV CAMPING WITH KEECH RAINWATER OF LONESTAR Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page to stay in the loop for more RV camping posts. Just click on Sally for more info! Like us! Really like us! Enjoy the video and have a great weekend!  Read More →


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TRAVEL CHANNEL’S: MEGA RV COUNTDOWN High Noon Entertainment, the producers of Cake Boss, Heat Seekers, Bang for Your Buck and Food Network Challenge is thrilled to be producing a no holds barred special for Travel Channel that takes an inside peek at America’s most tricked out, pimped out and over-the-top RVs. From the converted school bus to the Boatorhome and everything in between, America’s Craziest RVS is looking for the most outrageous vehicles and the people who own and design them. Want to share your recreational vehicular creation with the rest of America? If you can drive it and sleep in it, we want to see it! All interested vans, buses, campers, trailers and their owners are welcome to apply. Please contact us at Watch as we feature your favorites voted on by viewers at Source: High Noon Entertainment Press Release Mark Polk RV Education 101 RV Consumer RV101.TV  Read More →


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By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers We have returned from the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix with a story to tell.  We were compelled to leave early for a family concern and because we were heading for our cabin in the mountains.  We realized that if we waited until the rally ended, we would be delayed an extra day or two to get up the mountain until the snow Lots to see and buy inside the Big Tent with plenty more outside Good Sam Top Man Bob Livingston Answers Questions at the first seminar. stopped and the roads were re-opened.  The alternative was that I would have to dig tire chains out of the back of our truck – a daunting ordeal – and then install them, which I had never done before.  I don’t even know if it would be safe pulling the 10,000-pound trailer on the winding ascending roads. There we were, in the RV parking area of the Phoenix International Raceway, squeezed in among more than 3,000 RVs – it felt closer to 10,000.  We envisioned at least a day of waiting anxiously while rigs peeled away row by row, space by space.  I decided to go for it early to snake our way, literarily, out of the spot we were in. At this point, I want to say that several Good Sam members proved once again they are good Samaritans ready to go above and beyond to help a fellow RVer. We would still be there today without the help of everyone who volunteered or who we asked for assistance in extricating our rig. I’ll continue with that story in a moment,... Read more

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