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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminMany RV owners are also dog owners. One of the best items we’ve found for small (and we do mean small) dogs is our Alfie Pet Sling Carrier ( This is an item especially appreciated by spoiled dogs. Available in blue, pink, and grey, this pet sling carrier is just right for our favorite teacup chihuahua – a 3 ½ pounder we call “Baby Girl.” REAL MEN WEAR PINK DOG SLINGS, but if you prefer they are available in grey and blue too! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Yes, Baby Girl is a bit spoiled. Just a bit. Since this sort of review is really all about the dog’s reaction to the product, let’s examine this sling from Baby Girl’s point-of-view. After all, if she didn’t like the sling, it wouldn’t really matter what we think of it. But she does like this sling – she likes it a lot. Baby Girl is a tiny little thing. Although she enjoys sitting on the living room couch, she insists on being placed there by a human being. The leap to or from an average couch or living room chair is just a little too much... Read more

Here’s Why RV Owners Love This Reno Dog Trainer

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Reno dog trainer Adam G. Katz is offering something unique for RV owners with dogs: An accelerated training program to get their dog to listen, anywhere they go.  “This program is designed specifically for RV owners who travel with their dogs,” said Katz, the owner of the Reno, Nevada-based dog training company Katz Trains Dogs. Requiring just one private lesson– perfect for any RV owner traveling through Northern Nevada on a tight schedule– both the dogs and their owners are taught two primary techniques: The first technique is what Katz calls, “The Attention-Getter.” With this exercise, the dog owner learns how to get (and keep!) their dog’s attention regardless of distractions such as other dogs, cats, tennis balls or food. “You’ll be walking your dog on a loose leash in less than twenty-minutes… guaranteed,” said Katz. “It doesn’t matter what breed (or mix of breeds) you own because we can train any dog.” The second exercise is a simple boundary and perimeter training technique that will teach your dog to stay inside your RV– even if you accidentally leave the door open. “You can also use the same technique to get your dog to stay in one place– such as on a park bench or on a beach chair– until you give the, ‘exercise finished’ command,” said Katz.   Katz is the author of nine dog training books and teaches a technique-based dog training system that leans heavily... Read more

Five Reasons The Boston Terrier Might Be The Perfect Dog Breed For Your RV Lifestyle

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I’ve looked far and wide for a dog breed that would be perfect for the RV lifestyle. I’d always liked the Boston Terrier from years earlier, when I started my dog training career. But it was only recently, when I began to think about buying an RV, that I began to think about which breed would be a perfect travel companion. The Boston Terrier hits the mark, on several levels. Size: Whether you’re traveling in a giant Provost or a tiny pop up truck camper, a smaller dog is simply easier to travel with than a large breed dog. But some dogs are almost too tiny and fragile. The Boston Terrier, at an average height of 15-17 inches at the withers and weighing approximately twenty pounds, makes the Boston Terrier an absolutely perfect compromise: Beefy and buff enough to handle even the most bumpy backwoods road, but still small enough to take with you into a touristy shop without raising the ire of the store manager. A smaller dog like the Boston Terrier also means that a months worth of food will fit in a small cabinet space. Try fitting a month’s worth of food for a Rottweiler in a small cabinet! Shedding: All dogs shed. But the Boston Terrier sheds less than almost any other breed. “But why not get a that doesn’t shed at all? Like a Poodle?” Poodles are great dogs. I’ve trained several. But they are high maintenance when it comes to grooming. You’ll need to take them in for a trim about once a month. Not so for the... Read more

Introducing the Magellan® RoadMate® Pro 9165T…The Ideal RV Travel Companion.

August 1, 2011 by Trailer Life Directory · 29 Comments 

Magellan GPS,  the Good Sam Club and Trailer Life RV Parks & Campgrounds Directory have teamed up to offer the all-new and exciting RoadMate Pro 9165T, a robust GPS device that is specifically designed for those who love to RV. This new GPS device combines the core strengths of Magellan, Good Sam and Trailer Life Directory. Magellan Roadmate Pro 9165T GPS Receiver Powered by the Directory, this is a must-have tool for RVers, providing over 11,700 comprehensive listings for the U.S and Canada which include Wi-Fi and Internet access, pet-friendly campground locations, Good Sam Club discount locations, Trailer Life’s exclusive triple rating system and other points of interest specific to RVers. The extra-wide, high-definition 7-inch touchscreen offers large vehicle and RV settings to customize routes based on vehicle height, width, length and weight, allowing drivers to plan safe routes in advance. And, with an extremely versatile Heavy Duty Extension Mount designed for vehicles with deep dashboards, you can easily make adjustments to get the viewing position that works best for you. Your drive will be more comfortable, safe and enjoyable for you, your family and friends. The RoadMate Pro 9165T is the first 7″ GPS navigator made especially for RVers. Customizable for your vehicles and powered by Trailer Life Directory, it offers easy navigation as well as great places to stay and things to see and do, so that every trip is uniquely yours. FEATURES: Extra-large,... Read more

Is Your Dog Insensitive When You Visit Different RV Parks?

May 2, 2011 by Adam G. Katz · 3 Comments 

Is Your Dog Insensitive When You Visit Different RV Parks? I wrote in my first book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!” (available exclusively at about the Three Keys to Successful Behavior Modification:  Timing, Consistency and Motivation. Last week I covered Consistency, the second key. The third key is: Motivation. Motivation as it relates to dog training means that: Whatever you do with your dog (either praising him for desired behavior or correcting him for unwanted behavior) it is done with meaning. Have you ever had somebody attempt to compliment you for a job well done… but their compliment was offered in a lethargic tone, with no enthusiasm and no expression? Did their compliment make you feel good? Of course not. With my approach to dog training, a compliment (praise) that lacks any real meaning is what we refer to as: not motivational. It’s the same with a correction: The example I used in my book is the story of the police officer who gives you a ticket for speeding in the fast lane… but the ticket is only for $1. For most people, this isn’t motivational enough to get them to stop speeding. For the police officer’s ticket to be motivational for you– he needs to write you a ticket that is going to be just motivational enough to get you to adjust your behavior. Does Your Dog Drive An RV? If your dog could drive an RV, would he drive a 2.5 million dollar Prevost? Or would... Read more

Why Consistency Matters, Especially When RVing With Your Dog

April 18, 2011 by Adam G. Katz · 8 Comments 

Pretty much everybody is familiar with the concept of consistency as it relates to dog training. But frequently, dog owners don’t keep it clear in their own head. Consistency means that your dog perceives the same outcome to a behavior– every time he does that behavior– until you’ve burned it into his brain as a conditioned response.  And this is especially important to the RVer who travels with their dog as the very nature of RVing means we’re constantly exposing our dog to new and exciting environments. And that’s why consistency matters. Example: While you’re getting ready to leave the RV with your dog , your dog gets excited and jumps up on you. And so you use one of my techniques to correct this behavior. Later in the day, you’re talking with another RVer about the benefits of a Class C vs. a Travel Trailer, while your dog is running around your picnic table. But you’re so engrossed in your conversation that you don’t realize your dog has now come over to you, jumped up with his front paws on your pants… and now you’re scratching behind his ears.  (All the while still engrossed in your conversation). Unfortunately, your dog will never extinguish this unwanted behavior, because he’s not receiving clear communication from you. One time, he’s getting corrected for jumping up. Another time, he’s getting his ears scratched for jumping up. Your dog can’t tell the difference!... Read more

RVing and Training Your Dog? Here’s Why Timing Is Important

April 6, 2011 by Adam G. Katz · 23 Comments 

I wrote in my first book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!” (available exclusively at about the Three Keys to Successful Behavior Modification: Timing, Consistency and Motivation.  These are three concepts that are especially important to the RVer who travels with their dog, because we’re consistently putting our dogs in new and tempting situations where it’s important to be a good ambassador to the general public, as both an RVer and a dog  owner. Understanding how these Three Keys work together is probably the single most important concept you must learn, if you wish to get inside your dog’s head and understand how the dog’s mind works. Even if your technique is not perfect, you can use the Three Keys to analyze and figure out how to fix pretty much any dog behavior problem… especially important if you travel with your dog. Timing The first key is Timing: Timing is your dog’s ability to associate either a positive or a negative outcome with any behavior. (Or, as the result of any behavior).  Since dogs have a very limited use of logic and reason, they are unable to associate cause and effect beyond what happens in the immediate present. That is, whatever happens as a result of their behavior (good or bad) must happen pretty much instantly. For example: If your dog smells the pan fried steak you’re cooking and jumps up and puts his front paws on the hot stove: your dog’s association... Read more

Mark’s RV Garage Episode #4 Released

March 21, 2011 by Mark Polk · 13 Comments 

RV Education 101 releases Episode #4 of the brand new Internet based RV How-To series titled “Mark’s RV Garage.” The new episode is available for viewing at and on You Tube On this episode of Mark’s RV Garage: * The vintage trailer project is taken apart down to the bare studs.  * Rescuing Roxie, watch the story of a dog Mark & his family rescued last year. * Discover an easy installation for your RV that keeps the dirt at the door.   * Find out what you can do to win a free copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips. * Discover what is all about and how you can register for some free information packed webinars.     If you missed previous episodes of Mark’s RV Garage they are archived at for easy retreival and viewing Episode # 5 will be available for viewing on 4 April 2011. Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk  Read More →


January 29, 2011 by Barry & Monique Zander · 27 Comments 

 By Barry & Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers  We returned to the Quartzsite show area Friday, where we took in dozens of booths that we hadn’t seen in our first three days.  Hard to imagine, but that’s how big it is.    There's Somthing for Everybody at the Flea Market © All photos by Barry Zander. All rights reserved In case the thought of all that humanity and products to look at overwhelms you, don’t be put off by it.  You really don’t need to see it all, but we’ve got the time, so we’re doing lots of hiking right here. First, responding to a question from yesterday. The RV portion of the show ends its 9-day run this Sunday.  There are several other shows that run either concurrently or before or after the RV show, which is one of the reasons to check out the website,  It’ll tell you lots more and probably give you next year’s dates. – I’ll respond to the other question at the end of today’s blog.   Is It Dog-Friendly? Lots of Folks Would Say 'Yes' We started the day Friday by revisiting inside and outside exhibitors at the big tent, mainly to chat with vendors who had become friends or for more information about what we looked at or had already bought.  Need a Bead -- They Have 'em Here Then we headed back to the flea market, since we had only looked at booths on six or seven aisles, roughly half.  The vendors were there to interest us in RV-related items, jewelry, Native American... Read more

Here’s What Every RV Owner With A Dog Should Know: How To Teach Your Dog To “Potty” On Command

December 8, 2010 by Adam G. Katz · 9 Comments 

When you’re setting up your RV, does your dog embarrass you by “pottying” in places he shouldn’t? It’s funny, but it’s also embarrassing. Without an “Elimination Command” your dog is left to guess where and when you want him to “potty”. Here’s how to teach your dog to eliminate on command: The trick is to start associating your command word (we use: “Get Busy”) with the behavior your dog is already doing. What you’re going to need to do is: Set up a strict feeding and watering schedule. If you’re not currently traveling, then take your dog out to your backyard on leash, to the same spot and – right after a meal, walk him back and forth and keep repeating the command, “Get buys, Get busy, Get busy” until he eliminates. Praise him lavishly, as soon as he finishes his potty break. Your goal is to start building an association to the command. To start linking the command phrase, “Get busy” with the act of eliminating. After a couple dozen times, your dog will begin to develop a conditioned response when he hears you begin to repeat the “Get busy” command. We’re able to take our dogs pretty much anywhere, and within a couple of minutes of giving the command, our dogs will potty– knowing exactly where WE want them to do it. This command is simple to teach and from the dog’s perspective, it’s just an extension of housebreaking. Here’s a short video I made that demonstrates how it’s... Read more

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