Social Network? Why?

July 27, 2012 by Lug_Nut · 49 Comments 

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog Admin   Here’s an interesting Lug_Nut thought. Communication is a very important to most, if not all RVer’s  With all the latest wireless technology , internet, smart phones, GPS location devices, etc, I think we are pretty well equipped. After all, we can contact and keep in touch with friends and relatives regardless in the world they, or we, are. Our family and friends network is complete.  Not so, according to the multiple folks that Twitter and Face book off.   What’s up with them?  If they really want to let friends know something, why can’t they e-mail them?   You can do it in a multiple recipient if it is many contacts you would like to advise.  Instead, these lonely folks seem to need to post their life, perhaps in hope that they will be discovered as not a social dweeb! Don’t these people have friends?  Are these people in that need to reinforce their popularity?  Are they insecure with their personal status?  I guess so.  There is no other reason why people would feel obligated to post everything they do, or are going to do, on any... Read more

RV 101® What to do After the RV Trip?

July 15, 2012 by Mark Polk · 10 Comments 

Copyright RV Education 101 When you return from a trip and you’re not going to use the RV for a while you need to drain the entire water system to prevent it from getting stale and musty. You can start by draining the water heater. If the water heater has an electric mode make sure it is in the “off’” position before you drain the water heater tank. It’s a good idea to turn the breaker for the water heater off, so the switch doesn’t accidentally get turned on with no water in the tank. Now go to the outside compartment where the water heater is located. The drain plug, or petcock is normally located in the bottom left hand corner or bottom center. Remove the plug and open the pressure relief valve on top of the water heater to assist in draining. (See Caution below) If you have a Suburban water heater you will need to remove the anode rod with a 1 -1/16 inch socket to drain the tank. The anode rod is designed to help prevent corrosion and protect the tanks steel lining. Corrosive elements in the water will attack the rod rather than the tank. Inspect the anode rod every time you remove it to drain the tank, and replace it when 3/4 of the rod is consumed. Atwood water tanks do not require an anode rod and use a nylon drain plug because the tank is made of aluminum. Caution: Never drain the water heater when it is hot and/or under pressure. Turn off any water going to the RV, to include the water pump, and open a hot and cold faucet to relieve water pressure. Allow... Read more

How to live the RV Lifestyle in turbulent and unsettled times – Part 5

July 8, 2012 by Bob Difley · 16 Comments 

By Bob Difley In this series post Part 3 I wrote about some of the ways to save money on the road, covering what falls into most RVers five main expense categories: campground fees, fuel, food, repair and maintenance, and entertainment. I’ve already covered how to save on campground fees, fuel, and food. So let’s take a look at repair and maintenance costs. First an admission. I am well below the mid-point of RVers that at the top can pull and overhall their engine and transmission while boondocking without electricity or the internet to provide tutelege, and the bottom of the scale, those that have a hard time distinguishing between left-handed and right-handed screwdrivers. However, after gulping and swallowing after being presented with repair bills I decided to do as much as I could to avoid, or at least reduce, the amount I pay out to expensive repair shops. This calls for an anecdote. We were boondocking at Tecopa Hot Springs in the California desert when out forced air heater went belly up.  The elevation was about 1,300 feet and in January got quite cold at night, colder than we wanted to put up with without a heater. So we drove into a large repair shop in Las Vegas, a drive of about an hour and a half. I explained the problem to the service writer who analyzed the situation as common in heaters and it would be a five minute job to replace whatever it was he said needed replacing and they would get on it right away. I had no longer become comfortable... Read more


May 18, 2012 by Mark Polk · 8 Comments 

TRAVEL CHANNEL’S: MEGA RV COUNTDOWN High Noon Entertainment, the producers of Cake Boss, Heat Seekers, Bang for Your Buck and Food Network Challenge is thrilled to be producing a no holds barred special for Travel Channel that takes an inside peek at America’s most tricked out, pimped out and over-the-top RVs. From the converted school bus to the Boatorhome and everything in between, America’s Craziest RVS is looking for the most outrageous vehicles and the people who own and design them. Want to share your recreational vehicular creation with the rest of America? If you can drive it and sleep in it, we want to see it! All interested vans, buses, campers, trailers and their owners are welcome to apply. Please contact us at Watch as we feature your favorites voted on by viewers at Source: High Noon Entertainment Press Release Mark Polk RV Education 101 RV Consumer RV101.TV  Read More →

Free RV Video Training Site – RV101.TV

March 23, 2012 by Mark Polk · 27 Comments 

Mark Polk with RV Education 101 recently launched a new RV video site called where RV owners & enthusiasts can learn more about their RVs. Polk explained, “For more than a decade we have been helping educate RV consumers with our RV instructional DVDs, books, online TV series and free video clips. Our you tube channel alone has had over 1.1 million video views. Recently I realized that we had over 100 RV related videos uploaded to our You Tube channel, but if you were searching for information on a particular RV topic it was difficult to locate.” To fix the problem Polk decided to launch a new video training site. The new video site is easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. At RV101.TV you will find a large selection of RV how-to training videos organized into over 20 specific RV categories. When you are searching for a particular RV topic you just click on the RV video training category and a listing of all available video titles within that category will come up. The RV101.TV site is a great place to learn more about your RV and you can subscribe to be notified by email every time a new video post is added. Polk added, “We also offer a free monthly online magazine titled RV Consumer E-magazine that is packed with great articles and RV how to information. To subscribe to the E-magazine visit When it comes to learning about your RV the easy way RV Education 101 has you covered.” Happy... Read more

Solving The RV Foggy Window Syndrome

January 29, 2012 by Lug_Nut · 500 Comments 

Almost all motor homes have thermopane-type dual glazed windows that act as insulation and prevent interior condensation. Between these pieces of glass is a dry air that will not form moisture when subjected to temperature changes. However, all that changes when the seal between these two glass pieces become compromised and develops a leak. I use the term “When” in lieu of “If” because over time most, if not all, will suffer this failure. Over time it is subjected to movement, vibration, altitude pressure variances and of course, the harsh temperature changes and environment conditions. There are 4 or 5 glass manufacturers that all the RV builders use, so no matter which brand of RV you have, all will eventually fail. So, what do you do when foggy windows strike? You could replace them at the RV maker’s factory or authorized dealer. But that can be very costly. The preferred method, however, is to have them repaired or actually refurbished. There are several companies that offer this type of service and may well do a good job. One such company, located in Hudson, Florida, SunCoast Designers, specializes in this field. They offer a number of 50 amp, water equipped RV sites as well as an on-site dump station. The process is far more involved than I had imagined. They remove the window(s) from the coaches while they are sitting in the serviced lots and then plastic seal the hole(s) temporarily while the window refurbishing takes place. Inside the plant, the window assemblies... Read more

7 Step Process to a Wise RV Buying Decision

December 26, 2011 by Mark Polk · 43 Comments 

Buying an RV is a major purchase decision. We don’t take the decision to buy a house lightly, and buying an RV is no different. You need to do your research and be well informed to make the best buying decision possible. Let’s take a look at my 7 step process to a wise RV buying decision. Step 1: Try before you buy This is perhaps the most important step of the process. It can be difficult to determine if an RV is right for you if you have never used one. Plan a weekend or week-long trip and rent an RV to try it before you buy. Renting an RV can be a good indicator to gauge if an RV is in your future. Another option is to spend a weekend at a campground that rents RV’s already set up on site. My only caution is that you don’t confuse not liking RV’s with not understanding how an RV works. If the rental dealer doesn’t give you a thorough orientation of the RV, or offer an instructional DVD you should consider purchasing a RV training DVD prior to renting the RV. Knowing how everything on the RV works can make the experience much more enjoyable. Step 2: Attend an RV show RV shows, like boat shows, are intended to introduce the new model year RV’s and to help disseminate RV related information to the RV consumer. RV shows are usually scheduled during the slower time of the year, the winter months, to help jump start the selling season. RV dealers from miles away will bring their wares to these shows. For the buyer RV shows put everything you need to see and learn about... Read more

Tips to a Long Lasting Generator

October 24, 2011 by Mark Polk · 12 Comments 

If a generator is properly maintained and cared for it is quite possible it will last longer than the RV itself. Here are some of my tips to a long lasting generator. 1)      Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:  My first tip won’t extend the life of your RV’s generator, but it could save someone’s life. Carbon Monoxide gas is invisible, odorless and deadly. If for any reason your RV does not have a functioning CO gas detector you need to purchase and install one designed for use in Recreation Vehicles (follow the manufacturer instructions for proper installation). Test the CO detector for proper operation prior to each RV trip. Inspect the generator exhaust system before starting the generator, and never run the generator set with a damaged or leaking exhaust system. Do not leave windows open when running the generator and do not park in close proximity to obstacles like buildings or other RVs when running the generator set. Be cautious of other RV owners running their generators close to where you are parked, and never sleep while the generator is running.  2)      Preventive Maintenance: The key to a long lasting generator set is periodic maintenance. When it comes to generator sets we are primarily concerned with two types of maintenance, preventive maintenance and routine maintenance. Both can add years of life to your generator set. Preventive maintenance is maintenance you perform on your generator before a problem exists. These checks are designed to prevent... Read more

RV Poll Results (4th Installment)

October 17, 2011 by Mark Polk · 24 Comments 

Every few months I like to post some of our previous RV poll results. I think it makes for some interesting reading. You can see how other RV enthusiasts responded to various RV related topics and it might make you consider an aspect about RVing you haven’t considered in the past. Keep in mind that these RV poll’s are only intended to give me some idea of what our newsletter readers are interested in, how they use their RVs, and of course just for fun.         RV Poll Question: What is your favorite season of the year to use your RV? RV Poll Response: Spring 8%, Summer 25%, Fall 35%, Winter 3%, Year Round 28% RV Poll Question: Have you ever had any plumbing lines freeze in your RV? RV Poll Response: Yes 24%, No 76% RV Poll Question: Do you treat the fuel system in your RV, or any other gasoline powered equipment, with a fuel preservative while sitting in storage? RV Poll Response: Yes RV 11%, Yes other equipment 22%, Yes both RV & equipment 34%, No 25%, NA 8% RV Poll Question: Do you travel in your RV with the propane cylinders, or tank, turned on or turned off? RV Poll Response: Turned on 73%, Turned off 27% RV Poll Question: Do you plan to use your RV more in 2011 than you did in 2010? RV Poll Response: Yes 73%, No 22%, New RV owner in 2011 5% RV Poll Question: I purchased my first RV from: RV Poll Response: Dealer 59%, Private owner 35%, Family member 2%, Friend 3%, Given to me 1% RV Poll Question: Do the passengers in your motorhome wear seatbelts while traveling? RV... Read more

Vintage Trailer Restoration Project Captured on Video

October 10, 2011 by Mark Polk · 47 Comments 

  Earlier this year video producer Mark Polk, of RV Education 101, decided to produce an online RV series, titled “Mark’s RV Garage.”  Polk explained the goal of the show was to help educate and entertain RV consumers and RV enthusiasts. When considering a feature segment for the new RV series Polk decided to tackle a vintage trailer restoration project. Little did he know at the time the scope the restoration project would entail.  Unforeseen damage, below the surface of the exterior metal, would result in dismantling the project trailer down to the bare frame and rebuilding it from the ground up. Adding to the complexity of an already daunting challenge Polk’s plans included upgrading the old trailer with modern day RV equipment and amenities. As season one of the new RV series progressed each step of the vintage restoration project was captured along the way. What initially began as a 10 episode season evolved into 17 episodes, culminating in the season finale where the finished product was revealed to viewers for the first time. When asked to recap season one of “Mark’s RV Garage” Polk responded, “I think anybody who likes RVs, or is thinking an RV might be in their future would not only enjoy watching the vintage restoration project unfold, but could learn a great deal from the series too. To view season one episodes of Mark’s RV Garage visit this You Tube link Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk RV Education 101 RV Consumer  Read More →

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