DEAL (Today Only): 2000W Inverter Generator Only $471!

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminTODAY (November 25) ONLY: For a limited time, the Generac iX2000 2,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator ( is available for a “Black Friday” price of $471. Normally we recommend generators by Honda and Yamaha. The Yamaha 2000W unit ( that compares to this Generac currently sells for $989. We recommend buying Honda or Yamaha generators, but if you want a low cost deal, this Generac is certainly attractive. It's less than half the cost of a comparable Yamaha! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Generac’s iX2000 Series is quiet (claimed to generate between 60-65 decibels when running at full steam) and lightweight (this one tips the scales at just over 49 pounds). Inverter technology gives these units less than 3% total harmonic distortion, providing clean and stable power that safely powers laptops, TVs, power tools and other sensitive electronics. Inverter generators are also much more quiet than the norm, making them ideal for camping, tailgating and recreational use. How does an inverter generator... Read more

Hey Little Buddy! A Tiny Portable Propane Heater

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What’s the smallest portable propane heater? Tough to say, but it’s hard to find anything much more portable than the appropriately named “Little Buddy” ( by Mr Heater. If you want a highly portable but indoor safe propane heat solution, look no further. This is handy inside the RV or out in the campsite. Hey Little Buddy! The Little Buddy by Mr Heater is small enough to take just about anywhere. (Click the pic for more info.) The Little Buddy takes the Mr Heater propane heat concept to the logical extreme. Measuring only 12 by 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches, this is a product you can take just about anywhere. Yet it kicks out some 3800 BTUs of heat. That’s enough to heat a 100 square foot room. For many RVs, this heater will be perfect in size and functionality. It would be a great supplemental heat source in many situations. Again, the real upside of this heater is portability. Although the Little Buddy is indoor safe, it’s also made to deliver heat outside. For example, this is a heater you can sit near the picnic table with no reservation. Many people take these heaters on hunting trips or even to the driving range. Little Buddy delivers continuous odor-free heat for up to 5-1/2 hours. It’s controlled via simple on/off buttons. As for fuel, it uses 1-pound disposable propane cylinders. You know, the little green tanks. There are a couple of nice indoor safety features. Little Buddy boasts a low-oxygen sensor and an accidental... Read more

How to Pump RV Antifreeze

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If you’re winterizing your rig, there are a couple of ways to got to pump RV antifreeze into the water lines. The first is to simply use a hand pump kit ( The second and better method is to install a pump converter kit ( Either choice will work just fine, but the latter has some long term benefits. FIRST CHOICE – THE HAND PUMP A hand pump kit will get the job done, while giving you a free arm workout along the way. (Click the pic for more info.) What is there to say about a hand pump kit? Using one of these hand pumps is so easy, even I can do it. You attach the pump’s outlet hose to your RV’s city water inlet. The pump intake hose goes into a container of RV antifreeze. Open the water lines inside your rig and start pumping. Focus on one faucet at a time, first the hot water side then the cold. Pink antifreeze will begin to flow through the faucet. When a couple of pints of pink stuff have passed through the faucet, you can move on to the next faucet. Please folks, don’t forget the shower and porcelain throne. Obviously, it helps to have a friend inside your RV to manage the faucet operation. It helps even more if you have a strong armed friend who will stand outside and do the pumping. While there’s nothing wrong with using a simple hand pump, there’s more than one way to do this job. Yes, some genius invented a way to use your RV’s water pump. SECOND CHOICE – THE WATER PUMP CONVERTER... Read more

Maintaining Your RV Water Heater, Part 2

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Rinsing the inside of your RV water heater clean with a rinse wand ( is the first step towards maintaining it. The next step is to install a fresh ALUMINUM ANODE ROD ( into the unit. This begs another question: what the heck is an aluminum anode rod? Replacing your ALUMINUM ANODE ROD will help extend the life of your RV water heater. (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Anode rods are designed to prevent the harmful buildup of corrosion inside your water heater. They work by attracting the corrosive elements themselves. Instead of attacking the interior of your valuable appliance, corrosive elements are attracted to the rod. The enemy of your water heater (not to mention just about every other piece of metal you own) is corrosion. It’s harmful corrosion that will lead to the unit’s untimely death. If your unit’s anode rod is working, it will take the brunt of the damage. Hence these rods are intended to be replaced on a regular basis. Many RV owners choose to replace the rods when winterizing their RVs. When most of us hear someone talking about an A-rod, we think of baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez. (Sadly, Rodriguez is currently out of action due to a groin injury. He also has some aches and pains from playing baseball.) This is a very different A-rod, and it’s one we all should be concerned about. Replacing an water heater costs hundreds of dollars. A little preventative maintenance can help extend the life of your... Read more

“TOP 5″ RV Applications for the SECRET SPRAY that’s Taken the Automotive World by Storm

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Every once in a while, we come across a product that’s so unusual, so ingenious, so… weird? … that we MUST get some for ourselves, even though we aren’t sure exactly HOW we’re going to use it. That was the case with this irresistible stuff (, that for the past few years has been a well kept secret of automotive enthusiasts around the country. It’s sold in aerosol cans and dip containers, but today we’re talking about the spray. You probably see it in use every day. It’s available in many different colors (including no color at all). This stuff has become so popular, in fact, that it’s become a craze. Once we realized what could be done with it, we had to have some. What the heck are we talking about here? CLICK THE PIC to getcha some! Why, Plasti Dip, of course. And no, it has nothing to do with cheese or tortilla chips. Never heard of Plasti Dip? Plasti Dip is a rubber coating that can be easily applied by dipping, brushing or spraying. Spray on rubber? Hallelujah! This is the sort of “miracle in a can” that inspires redblooded American males everywhere to start spraying everything in sight – just to see what happens. Indeed, not since the dawn of WD-40 have there been so many euphoric cries of “Eureka!” heard in greasy garages around the world. Husbands have gleefully rejoiced, while their wives have shaken their heads in befuddled bemusement. What makes Plasti Dip so great? You get all the... Read more

“How to Buy an Airstream” eBook ON SALE THIS WEEK!

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If you’re interested in buying an Airstream, or even another brand or style of RV, check out the #1 bestselling “How to Buy an Airstream” ebook ( which is ON SALE this week as an Amazon Kindle Countdown deal. The initial sale price is only 99 cents! As the week progresses, the price will edge upwards, so it’s best to act now. ON SALE THIS WEEK! (Click the pic for more info.) The #1 Guide For Airstream Shoppers The iconic Airstream trailer is a legend amongst seasoned RV travelers. After more than 80 years of production, the classic aluminum skinned pods are found in highways and campgrounds throughout North America. Today Airstreams are more popular than ever, but finding the right one isn’t an easy task. Supply is surprisingly scarce. Independent, Objective, & Opinionated It’s crucial that buyers – especially first time Airstream owners – proceed with caution when leaping into this lifestyle. A mistake in this transaction could cost thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair bills, not to mention much emotional grief along the way. Topics include: How and where to find Airstream bargains How to negotiate with dealers How to win eBay auctions The truth about vintage Airstream prices Airstream inspection tips Advice on tow vehicles Again, the Kindle Countdown sale runs this week only. If you want this book at a bargain price, click here to get your copy!  Read More →

Keep Your RV Plumbing Free of Hair & Debris – for Cheap!

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If you want to keep hair and other unwanted substances out of your RV plumbing system, pick up some sink strainers ( These things are cheap and work a treat. Bright colors help the strainers stand out in the sink. (Click the pic to get your own.) Quite simply, the best way to keep your RV plumbing system in good shape is to only put the right things in it. When hair gets through the shower drain into the pipes, it can eventually plug up the works. This creates a mess, and a problem for you to fix. So it’s best to simply prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place. The strainers are available in chrome and multicolored options. The idea is that these strainers are catch-all’s that trap junk while allowing the waste water to flow freely. The bright colors are intended to help prevent the strainers from getting lost in the sink. I like the chrome look as well, but be advised that it is “chromed plastic” and the finish will eventually wear off. The strainers fit one way and can be used in home kitchens and boats as well as RVs. So you might just want to pick up a 10-pack so that all of your drains are covered. This is a simple product that many RV owners are praising. Special thanks to Vinnie Lamica of Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream Repair for bringing this product to our attention.  Read More →

Sony RX100: The Best Compact Cameras Ever Made

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RV travel and photography go hand in hand. For an outstanding travel camera that’s so small it fits in your pocket, consider the Sony RX100 ( series. To add pro video features and wifi to transfer photos, go for the “sequel” RX100 Mark 2 ( These are being called the best compact cameras ever made. They are loaded with professional features, the most important of which is a large 1” imaging sensor. The sensor is the heart of the digital camera. The best compact cameras ever made. (Click the pic for more info.) We have an RX100 Mark 2, and feel it works especially well in the context of RV travel. When we travel, we want to capture great photos. Smartphone cameras often leave us unsatisfied, but we don’t always want to lug around a bunch of heavy DSLR equipment. An RX100 gives you an image quality that’s comparable to a DSLR, but in a wonderfully tiny package. The essential upside of this camera is its size – it offers a high quality image, but the camera is small – it’s truly pocketable, although it’s a hunk of well built metal. If you are wanting a pocketable pro cam, this qualifies. It’s ideal for taking on a hike or casual walkabout. Alas, the RX100 Mk2 feels clunky in the pocket. It’s a little heavy because it’s made of solid metal. Build quality is excellent. It’s fatter than a smartphone, but it also delivers a much higher image quality. Most smartphones... Read more

“MUST HAVE” GARAGE GEAR: Battery Tender, Junior

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As Spring approaches, we’re breaking vehicles out of winter storage. Most of us who RV camp own more than one vehicle, and they (and their batteries) may sit for a long time. Enter the Battery Tender ( This ingenious little device helps take care of vehicle batteries when they are in storage or otherwise not being used. We use the Battery Tender Junior and are happy with it. For faster charges, consider the Battery Tender Plus. It works for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell). Our Battery Tender Junior does the job at a great price. (Click the pic for more info.) Nothing kills a battery faster than letting it drain down to zero with no recharge. Car batteries are designed to be used regularly. They should be cycled (drained and recharged) in order to get maximum longevity. That’s the idea behind the Battery Tender. The Battery Tender Plus offers more power than the Junior for faster charging. (Click the pic for more info.) A Battery Tender is more than a trickle charger. After charging the battery to full power, it switches into “float” or maintenance mode that actually drains and recharges battery power in the same fashion as using the battery with your vehicle. A Battery Tender thus maximizes battery life. Your battery is treated as if it was being used properly every day, instead of just sitting still in storage. If you have a vehicle battery in storage, you need a Battery Tender. I’ve... Read more


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By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers Our drive down Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula took us along Hwy. 1, a very narrow and winding passage with no room to move off the blacktop.  Through desert and rocky hills, it passes scarce outposts of civilization where few people, if any, speak English. POW! We heard the blowout on a trailer tire.  I looked to the right and realized we were 10 feet from a Pemex gas station, the Mexican-owned system of fueling stops with mini-markets.  I pulled in just POW! enough to get us out of the road.  Ten minutes later the “Green Angels” arrived to change my tire. The Green Angels is a posse of government-sponsored multi-talented people, ready to help and protect tourists plying the remote spaces of Mexico.  Fantasy RV Tours, with whom we were traveling, had hired them to escort our RV caravan for the entire trip, and, I assure you, no members of our troupe were as thankful to Our heroes -- Tony & Isaiah have them along as Monique and I. I have often written and spoken about how RV caravans are not journeys where rigs all travel in a queue.  That’s obviously not always true, because on our 1,200-mile round-trip, our 14 rigs mostly stayed together, almost always in sight of the rig in front of us.  It’s not a command, but it seemed like the best way to travel these precarious roads. When one travel trailer in our band tried to leave room for a motorhome to exit first from a resort RV park, the truck... Read more

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