Should EVs Pay to Play?

June 4, 2011 by Rex Vogel · 12 Comments 

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminDon’t you just love it when a prediction comes true? Getting juiced up! (Photo credit: Over three months ago a writer for Politics and Cars mused that if special electric meters are installed specifically for the purpose of charging an electric vehicle (EV), someone in government would figure out how to tax that electricity in the same way gasoline is taxed. Gasoline taxes are supposed to go for repairs and improvement of roads. The gas tax is simply a user tax. You use the roads. You pay for them. That’s only fair. Right? However, if EVs use the roads without paying for their use, that is unfair. The issue is contentious because gasoline taxes generate $45 billion annually to pay for highway repairs. Let’s say you live in California, and purchased a Nissan Leaf. The car’s $32,000 bottom line would have taken a huge bite out of your budget, but the feds rewarded you with a $7,500 tax credit and the state kicked in a $5,000 cash payout. At $20,000, the Leaf is now affordable, and the three cents a mile operating costs are good news,... Read more

Recharge Your EV at Campgrounds

April 10, 2011 by Rex Vogel · 42 Comments 

It is not a stretch to see campgrounds with charging stations, in addition to national parks, state parks, Camping World, and other places where RVers travel. And of course, the bottom line is, that if charging does become ubiquitous then an Electric Vehicle (EV) as a dinghy becomes a viable decision, wrote Bob Difley in A sign of the times. Image courtesy “Costs of charging would be passed on to the driver, as are regular fuel costs, but if utility companies continue with reduced rates for overnight use, then charging your EV toad in your campground while you sleep would be not only efficient but cheaper. Meters on the charging stations would calculate costs and add to your campground charges,” added Difley. Two short months later it’s a reality! EV Owners Getting a Charge at Campgrounds Across the country, campground operators are reporting a gradual uptick in inquiries from EV owners who are considering using campgrounds as refueling stops on long-haul trips. Travelers who do this typically have adapters that enable them to plug into 50-amp, 240-volt electric pedestals that campgrounds often provide with their RV sites, reports “We’ve been getting quite a few calls from people wanting to charge their vehicles at our park,” said Russ Yates, owner of Holiday Park Campground in Greensboro, Maryland, adding that he’s installed a separate 50-amp/240 volt plug on the side of the campground office... Read more

Electrical Vehicle Update – Space pod look-alike with exchangeable wheel/battery

February 18, 2011 by Bob Difley · 26 Comments 

By Bob Difley A couple of automotive engineers, Kyu-Hyun and Sol Lee, have created a new concept for the battery of an electric vehicle (EV). Two of the drawbacks of EVs is the number of charging stations on America’s roads, and the length of time it takes to recharge an EV battery. These guys’ solution was to turn the single rear wheel into an exchangeable battery. To change, you simply unhitch the battery from the car, pull it away with the built in handle, and install the spare battery/wheel. Then set the depleted battery to recharge while you use the spare. An LED light monitors the level of charge while charging. A clever concept for a small two-seater city car, which as you can see is small enough to pull behind a motorhome on a small trailer or in your motorhome garage if you have a super-sized motorhome. Don’t know if this kind of dinghy would be practical or if the idea would ever catch on enabling the engineer duo to move from concept to production, but with the EV market changing so rapidly, it is hard to tell whose bright idea will be the next hot deal.  Read More →


November 27, 2010 by Larry Cad · 44 Comments 

Linda and I are getting the motorhome ready for our annual trip to Kentucky to attend the RVIA show in Louisville to gather information on the general state of the RV industry, and to view new products at the show.  We will be reporting on events as they occur, here on blog. Read more  Read More →

Nissan Leaf leads the pack in electric vehicles

June 1, 2010 by Bob Difley · 20 Comments 

By Bob Difley Japanese car company Nissan seems to be leading the pack of car companies to market with their 4-door hatchback Leaf electric vehicle (EV). Not only will Nissan be one of the first to introduce an all electric car to the American market, which will hit dealer showrooms by the end of this year, but last week they stunned the electric vehicle market with the announcement that they will also be installing inexpensive fast charge stations–which they are now installing in Japan–as soon as they get UL approval. Read more  Read More →

RV Doctor – My Tow Car Lights Don’t Work with my Motorhome

March 31, 2010 by Gary Bunzer · 143 Comments 

Dear Gary, I have a 1999, 37-foot motorhome. It has a six pin connector for the tow vehicle. My tow car is a 1995 Geo Tracker. The Tracker has different bulbs for brake and turn signal. The car was towed by the previous owner with all the lights working. I cannot get my lights on the car to work with my motorhome. The wire colors on the car are brown, yellow, green and white. I ran a diode between the brake light and the green and yellow wires on towed car. Still no lights, I can however, get the lights to work by running another ground wire from my RV hitch receiver to the tow plate on the car. What concerns me with this is that with the coach lights on I get a spark on the extra ground wire when I hook it up or move it. What am I doing wrong? - Joe DeRado, (Port Charlotte, FL) Answer: Joe, because you have independent stop and turn signal bulbs you definitely need that diode kit. And I suspect that you have already found the problem. It is likely that a ground wire is broken somewhere and therefore the circuit cannot find a decent path to ground. Read more  Read More →

RV Doctor – My Dinghy Tow Wiring Is Causing Me Confusion

September 24, 2009 by Gary Bunzer · 6 Comments 

Dear RV Doctor, My motorhome is towing a Ford Escort and I am having a problem with my tow wiring. When I have my lights on and then turn on a turn signal, I notice a really faint blinking from the turn signal that is not supposed to be blinking. I’m really confused by this. Any ideas? - Craig Burkholder, (Lititz, PA) Read more  Read More →

Tow Guides – Available online and/or for download

July 28, 2009 by RV Today Archive · Comments Off 

Whether you are in need of a truck tow guide or a dinghy towing guide, we have got you covered! Simply register (it’s free) for the following: Annual 2009 Towing Guide presented by Trailer Life Magazine and Ford 2009 Annual MotorHome Magazine “Dinghy” Towing Guide (.pdf download)  Read More →

Tow Dollies & Towing Tips

May 19, 2009 by Mark Polk · 18 Comments 

After my article on towing a vehicle with four wheels on the ground I received several requests for more information on towing a vehicle with a tow dolly. Read more  Read More →

Tips for Towing with 4-Wheels on the Ground

May 4, 2009 by Mark Polk · 11 Comments 

I get asked lots of questions about towing a vehicle behind a motorhome, but perhaps the most common is “How do you know what vehicles can be towed with 4-wheels on the ground?” It’s not that complicated, but it does require some research. Today I am offering some tips on towing with 4-wheels on the ground. Read more  Read More →

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