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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminBy Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers I’ve been confused for years by the terminology on two park reservations sites: and  When asking what type of site I’m looking for, among the choices are “RV” and “Trailer.” We have a trailer, but it’s also an RV; so, which one is the correct selection.  After mentioning this to a friend earlier this week, I decided to get the definitive answer on behalf of all owners of RVs of the various classes.  Here’s what I was told by Vicki, customer service representative for,, and Dear Mr. Zander, Thank you for using for your camping needs.   It is my pleasure to assist you today. A “standard site” will accommodate 1 RV/trailer/wheeled camping unit with 1 tent, or if there is not an RV/trailer/wheeled camping unit on the site, it will accommodate up to 2 tents.  An “RV only” site will only accommodate 1 RV/wheeled camping unit (no tents allowed) and “Tent only” will usually... Read more

Get More “Cigarette Lighter” Power Outlets with this Handy Device

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One of the most useful devices we carry in our RV tow vehicle SEEMORE is a 12V socket duplicator. What is a socket duplicator? It’s a little adapter cable that gives us more “cigarette lighter” 12V charging receptacles. This guy gives you FOUR 12V "cigarette lighter" adapter outlets instead of one! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) These days, it seems we’re always charging something like a phone or tablet. Then there’s our GPS, which requires 12V socket power. We also carry a radar detector. With a socket adapter, we have all the charging recptacles we need. I like the XTG socket adapter, because it not only includes FOUR 12V sockets, but also a USB charge socket (for phones and tablets). If you travel extensively, you need a socket adapter! ‘Nuff said.  Read More →

Get lost

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By Bob Difley In the good ‘ol days, as we oldtimers like to recall, the RV lifestyle was quite different than it is today. When I first started RVing you could camp in state parks in California for $6, forest service campgrounds for  $4–if you had to pay at all. Back then most RVing was limited to smaller RVs, and hook-ups meant electricity and maybe water, with a dump station in the campground. No cable TV hookups or wifi, campsites spaced well apart from each other, quiet time after 10 o’clock that actually was quiet. For entertainment we hiked, swam, paddled, visited historic sites, went fishing, rockhunding, birdwatching, star gazing, and took ranger-led nature walks if we weren’t out boondocking in the outback. It seems today that hook-ups have become a de rigueur part of RVing, including full-service RV resorts that offer continuous activities and programs throughout the day to keep us entertained. But with the addition of all these amenities came increased costs. Back in the day, the concept of spending $100 or more per night (one Palm Springs area RV resort had rates as high as $184/night) was unthinkable–and the amenities now being offered would have been beyond an RVer’s wildest imagination. And that’s OK. The RV Lifestyle need not be defined by how I do it, or how my neighbor does it, but how each individual person enjoys using their RV, whether it’s a pop-up trailer or a 45-foot diesel pusher with a garage for the Ferrari... Read more


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TRAVEL CHANNEL’S: MEGA RV COUNTDOWN High Noon Entertainment, the producers of Cake Boss, Heat Seekers, Bang for Your Buck and Food Network Challenge is thrilled to be producing a no holds barred special for Travel Channel that takes an inside peek at America’s most tricked out, pimped out and over-the-top RVs. From the converted school bus to the Boatorhome and everything in between, America’s Craziest RVS is looking for the most outrageous vehicles and the people who own and design them. Want to share your recreational vehicular creation with the rest of America? If you can drive it and sleep in it, we want to see it! All interested vans, buses, campers, trailers and their owners are welcome to apply. Please contact us at Watch as we feature your favorites voted on by viewers at Source: High Noon Entertainment Press Release Mark Polk RV Education 101 RV Consumer RV101.TV  Read More →

How these wandering technology nomads could change your concepts of electricity

April 6, 2012 by Bob Difley · 585 Comments 

By Bob Difley Things change, in fact they have changed a lot–especially in the technological products available for RVers–since I first started RVing more than 40 years ago. I struggled in my early days of RVing with keeping my batteries charged, the annoying drone of what at the time seemed to be the endless running of my generator trying to re-charge those batteries, and still find electricity to be somewhat mystical. So I was interested when I discovered Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard, a couple wandering America in their 1961 bus conversion. On their website, titled Technomads: Technology Enabled Nomads, they describe their current state as “exploring the confluence of full-time travel, technology, career, and community; all while embracing nomadic serendipity”. It could be said that all of us boondockers and fulltimers are seeking “nomadic serendipity” but Chris and Cherie are putting together their version in large part with the help of combining standard technology with cutting edge technology developments to create and operate the best, most efficient, resource and environment friendly electrical system possible for their bus. And they write with clarity and knowledge about their efforts along with real time examples of their efforts. I was especially fascinated with what they had to say about “boosting inverters”: Boosting Inverter = Smaller Generator RV generators have traditionally been sized so that they can handle... Read more

Vintage Trailer Restoration Project Captured on Video

October 10, 2011 by Mark Polk · 47 Comments 

  Earlier this year video producer Mark Polk, of RV Education 101, decided to produce an online RV series, titled “Mark’s RV Garage.”  Polk explained the goal of the show was to help educate and entertain RV consumers and RV enthusiasts. When considering a feature segment for the new RV series Polk decided to tackle a vintage trailer restoration project. Little did he know at the time the scope the restoration project would entail.  Unforeseen damage, below the surface of the exterior metal, would result in dismantling the project trailer down to the bare frame and rebuilding it from the ground up. Adding to the complexity of an already daunting challenge Polk’s plans included upgrading the old trailer with modern day RV equipment and amenities. As season one of the new RV series progressed each step of the vintage restoration project was captured along the way. What initially began as a 10 episode season evolved into 17 episodes, culminating in the season finale where the finished product was revealed to viewers for the first time. When asked to recap season one of “Mark’s RV Garage” Polk responded, “I think anybody who likes RVs, or is thinking an RV might be in their future would not only enjoy watching the vintage restoration project unfold, but could learn a great deal from the series too. To view season one episodes of Mark’s RV Garage visit this You Tube link Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk RV Education 101 RV Consumer  Read More →

Mark’s RV Garage Season One Finale Released

September 26, 2011 by Mark Polk · 1 Comment 

RV Education 101 releases the season finale of the new Internet based RV How-To series titled “Mark’s RV Garage.” The new episode is available for viewing at and on You Tube            After 16 bi-monthly episodes the highly anticipated season finale is released, revealing the completed vintage trailer restoration for the very first time. Season finale highlights:  * The Old Yellowstone trailer gets a fresh coat of paint. * Polk installs a new 3,500 pound Dexter axle. * The electric brakes are converted to disc brakes with the addition of new brake rotors, calipers, and a Actulink electric/hydraulic brake actuator. To complete the new braking system Polk adds a DirecLink Network Enhanced brake controller. * Before the trailer can hit the road for the first time Polk installs an Equalizer hitch. * Mark Polk reflects back on season one through a series of Q&A. * All of this and more on the season finale of “Mark’s RV Garage”   If you missed previous episodes of Mark’s RV Garage they are archived at for easy retreival and viewing Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk  Read More →

The RVs We Drive – Woodall’s Bloggers Discuss their Personal RV Choices

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The RVs We Drive | This Week Only at Woodall’s Campgrounds, RV Blog and Family Camping Blog! This week in the Woodall’s Blog – The RVs WE Drive! Read our expert bloggers as they share the pros and cons of various camping units – from their own personal experience. These posts are about their favorite RVs! What is your RV of choice, and why do you choose that vehicle for your camping trips? Tell us by submitting a guest blog about it at . Here’s what one blogger had to say: Looking for Fun with the Fun-Finder How did we select our current RV? Well, I’d like to report that we had unlimited funds and time to select nothing but the very best that satisfied our every whim and need. I’d like to tell you that, but it wouldn’t be true. Instead, I’ll tell you what is probably a common story. We had camped for ma… READ MORE  Read More →

Mark’s RV Garage Episode #16 RV Internet Show Released

September 5, 2011 by Mark Polk · 26 Comments 

RV Education 101 releases Episode #16 of the new Internet based RV How-To series titled “Mark’s RV Garage.” The new episode is available for viewing at and on You Tube           On this episode of Mark’s RV Garage:  * Polk installs stabilizer jacks on the rear of the trailer and an electric tongue jack on the front. * For safety the trailer gets a combinationLP gas and Carbon Monoxide detector. * The trailer gets new LP gas cylinders, and the LP gas system gets checked for proper operating pressure and for leaks. * For entertainment the trailer gets a 24 inch Jensen LCD TV.  *All of this and more on this episode of “Mark’s RV Garage”  If you missed previous episodes of Mark’s RV Garage they are archived at for easy retreival and viewing Don’t miss the season finale, coming soon Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk  Read More →

Mark’s RV Garage Episode #15 RV Intenet Show Released

August 22, 2011 by Mark Polk · 7 Comments 

RV Education 101 releases Episode #15 of the new Internet based RV How-To series titled “Mark’s RV Garage.” The new episode is available for viewing at and on  You Tube            * Polk installs the exterior metal and windows in the vintage trailer restoration project.  * Watch the installation of a Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System with WiSight technology  * Find out what Polk considers to be RV Maintenance Mishaps and see what you can do to avoid them.  *All of this and more on this episode of “Mark’s RV Garage”  If you missed previous episodes of Mark’s RV Garage they are archived at for easy retreival and viewing Episode # 16 will be available for viewing on 05 September 2011. Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk  Read More →

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