RECIPE: Caper Mayo Salmon Burgers with Sesame Sautéed Green Beans

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A Better Way to MAKE ICE

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TRIVIA QUESTION: “Ice is civilization!” What movie includes this famous quote?* (Answer at the end of the article.) Yes, since ice is civilization, we use an OXO No Spill Ice Tray ( NO SPILL: You can even stack these trays at an angle! (Click the pic for more info.) Alas, our RV freezer lacks an ice maker. We are reliant on ice cube trays to make ice. There’s only one problem with ordinary ice cube trays: spillage! The soft silicone lid is the secret. (Click the pic for more info.) It’s bad enough when we are parked. But suppose we are traveling down the road and we’ve got loose water sloshing around in our freezer? That’s not a good scenario. The OXO No Spill Tray is brilliant. It’s a thoughtfully designed ice cube tray that comes equipped with a soft silicone lid. The easy-to-use silicone lid seals the water inside the tray. Obviously the lid prevents the water from spilling, which is great for RV travel. But wait! There’s more… The OXO No Spill design allows you to easily stack two or more trays in a small space. You can even stack the trays at an angle! This makes the most out of a small RV freezer such as our own. OXO claims the silicone lid helps maintain the flavor of the ice, by preventing it from absorbing freezer odors. The final design touch is the rounded ice cube shape that makes from easy removal from the tray. The tray has a nice handle, and the cubes are rounded in shape, which makes for easy removal.... Read more

LOSE WEIGHT the Delicious Way

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When our bathroom scale started looking like the national debt counter, we began exploring more healthy ways to cook. Towards this goal, one of the best kitchen gadgets we’ve found is the Chef’n Sleekstor VeggiSteam Silicone Steamer ( Out with the Fry Daddy – in with the Steam Mama! This inexpensive little gadget helps you lose weight in the most delicious fashion imaginable. So easy, even I can use it! (Click the pic for more info.) The Sleekstor is a simple vegetable steamer that works like a charm. It’s great for an RV since it takes up very little storage space, and is easy to clean. Even though it’s microwave safe it also works with propane heat (which is how we typically use it on our Airstream stove). It’s nonstick, and if we had a dishwasher in our Airstream we’d wash it there without worry. The “secret” is in the silicone. The steamer is constructed of heat resistant silicone, another modern material that’s improving our lives. (I guess if we’re giving a Nobel Prize to the guy who invented microfleece, we should also give one to whoever concocted silicone). It withstands heat up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. It won’t scratch nonstick surfaces, so it’s safe for all of your cooking pots. The Sleekstor is so easy to operate, even I can do it. You simply place a little water in a small pot, insert the steamer, and place your veggies on top. In about 5 minutes you can have perfectly steamed... Read more

How to “Double-Filter” RV Drinking Water

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On our website, people sometimes ask, “Do you drink the water in your RV?” Our reply? “Yes, and it’s delicious.” We “double-filter” our drinking water, and it’s easy peasy. Here’s how we do it. With regard to water sources, often we are reliant on unfamiliar public taps. So we use two products that work together to filter our drinking water. That’s why our water is double-filtered. The first is the Camco TastePure water filter. This is simply a large water filter that easily attaches to the hose between the “city water” supply and the RV. It’s a big boy and promises to last the entire camping season. We typically use a new one at the beginning of summer. It filters all water before it ever enters our RV. (And by the way, you can save a lot of money on these filters if you buy a two-pack.) The Camco RV water filter does a fine job to help produce great tasting drinking water. (Click the pic for more info.) If you read the Camco fine print, the company promises a “100 micron fiber filter” that “greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water.” While I haven’t bothered to measure the microns, I know this filter works. I’ll never forget the time we attached our filter to the well water supply at an old rural well in Texas. We didn’t realize that the well water was full of nasty sediment. When we turned on the well water, our Camco filter quickly clogged... Read more

S’MORES! Tips, Recipes, and SECRETS

July 13, 2012 by · 79 Comments 

I’ve been watching my weight lately. In fact, I’ve been on a diet. This means, sadly, a summer with no beer. In the old days, I’d down a couple of 300-calorie pale ales before crawling out of bed. Now I receive my daily mouse-sized serving of low cal, low carb wine from an eye-dropper. My wife just dribbles a few drops onto my tongue to go along with my evening rations. At least she tells me it’s wine. It’s probably just sugar free grape juice, or maybe just purple water. Click the photo to join us around the Facebook campfire! We're roasting marshmallows and talkin' SMORES! In the old days, my “veggies” were breaded, deep fried, and often paired with “veggie based” condiments like tomato ketchup. (What do you mean, a tater tot isn’t a vegetable?) Now my vegetables are green and steamed. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, they get misted with a hint of zero calorie fake butter spray. I can lose weight simply by looking at them. Yes, I’ve made many culinary sacrifices in the pursuit of baggy clothes. But there’s one camping food item that I will not give up. You guessed it: S’MORES! There’s something about that combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marshmallows that screams CAMPING to me. As the legendary admiral Farragut (or was it Whatagut?) once said: “Damn the calories; full speed ahead!” Sorry, health nuts. This ain’t no fruit salad. When we camp, we like to make... Read more

Get RV Camping Book FREE on Kindle (Amazon Prime Members)

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Earlier this year, we announced my new e-book about RV camping. It’s called “Long Long Honeymoon – Living Large in a Small Tin Can.” (Try saying that phrase three times fast.) It clocks in at 292 pages of content – only slightly shorter than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The response to this book has been fantastic. Since I am not easily overwhelmed, let me simply say: I am whelmed. You the people, my fellow campers, have gobbled this book down… like a plate of hot smores. Amazon Prime members can borrow the author's book for free. And if you're not a Prime member, it's only $2.99. Especially you Kindle readers. You have made this book one of the top sellers in the Amazon Kindle “Travel Essays & Travelogues” section. Of course, with the free Kindle app you can read many Kindle books on almost any e-device, including iPad, iPhone, any number of Android tablets, and even a Nook. (Don’t tell Barnes & Noble, but I have been known to read Kindle on my rooted Nook Color!) For this deal, however, you need to be using a REAL Kindle device. Hey, those are Amazon’s rules, not mine. “Long Long Honeymoon – Living Large in a Small Tin Can” is now available on the AMAZON KINDLE platform for the rock bottom price of $2.99 – but it’s FREE to borrow for Amazon Prime members via the Kindle Lending Library – on real Kindle devices! Check it out now – before we come to our senses! NOW... Read more

Got a Kindle? Here’s a FREE “RV Cooking” Cookbook!

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Fans of our “Long Long Honeymoon” Facebook page already know all about this one. If you have an Amazon Kindle (or one of the FREE Kindle reading apps) you can now enjoy this “RV Cooking” cookbook from Gooseberry Patch as a FREE download! Get it while it lasts, folks. Here’s a link to our post with all the details about the free book: FREE RV COOKING COOKBOOK Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page to stay in the loop for more RV camping freebies. Just click on Sally for more info! Like us! Really like us! Enjoy your free cookbook. We’ll have the grilled cheese and tomato soup, please!  Read More →

Gourmet Italian Guest RV Cooking Show

December 18, 2011 by Evanne Schmarder · 12 Comments 

Italian food has become standard fare here in America. It seems everywhere you visit you’ll find Olive Garden or even a Pizza Hut. But look a little harder and you’ll discover establishments serving delicious, authentic, makes-magic-in-your-mouth Italian with recipes passed down from generation to generation. That’s exactly what I found during my stay at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, CA. In fact, I was looking for a celebrity chef to film a show with me. Luckily for all of us, the resort’s manager, Dan Baumann, is a bona fide foodie and had just the man for me – Chef Giorgio Curti of the famous Santa Ynez eatery Trattoria Grappolo. Upon hearing the news I did what every fun-loving RV Cooking Show host would do – planned a party!! But instead of filming in Studio A (our Jayco 5-er) Dan graciously offered a big, beautiful park model cottage. Nice! In this episode – Gourmet Guests – you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor. Chef Giorgio prepares 3 absolutely amazing dishes for us: a seafood pasta, grilled sliced beef with arugula and a burrata citronella salad. Amazing! And don’t shy away, they only sound fancy and complex. Chef Giorgio specializes in easy and elegant. He made these terrific dishes “rustic” in honor of our outdoor lifestyle. Served up with some fine Santa Barbara County wine – Mosby Dolcetto for one – it was a fabulous feast that you don’t want to miss out on. Sure enough,... Read more

It’s the little things that make a boondocking lifestyle – Part 2

August 5, 2011 by Bob Difley · 26 Comments 

By Bob Difley Last week’s post (of the same name) triggered the unlikely discussions of electric blankets and the CPAP (sleep apnea) problem for boondockers. But it was more than that, it was a discussion of what is important for our personal enjoyment. So let’s dig some more into how to cope with our individual quirks and idiosyncrasies (Qs & Is) when boondocking and exploring those destinations way off the beaten path. I’ll start with my wife’s Qs & Is (since I don’t have any). As a health and fitness nut enthusiast, a most important requirement for her is access to fresh fruits and vegetables (FFV). Let me emphasize fresh here. It was never a question of whether we would orr would not continue to eat FFV when boondocking, but how would we accomplish it off in the depths of the primeval forest way out in the desert where we liked to camp–miles from the nearest organic food or farmers market. Supermarkets were few and far between in most of the places we explored and they usually left her dissatisfied and the local stores were usually deficient in the FFV category–especially the fresh part–if they had any fruits and veggies at all.  The longest we could eke out the FFV supply before they withered into the inedible class was five days. As a result we had to build into our schedule and finances long trips to the nearest urban center for restocking. So off we would go, driving sometimes as far as 50 miles one way, and... Read more

RV Cooking Show Interviews Two Oil Barons, Creates Two Delicious RV Recipes

June 25, 2011 by Evanne Schmarder · 4 Comments 

Baked Goat Cheese Salad and a Walnut Honey Sauced Brownie featured in this Local and Luscious Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags episode Perhaps you’re like me…perfectly paired with my love to travel and my love to eat is my curiosity and love of learning. I suppose that’s why folks like us travel, vacation and explore like we do. Not too long ago I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with two dynamic women that play a major part in the Santa Ynez Valley culinary scene – I call them the ‘oil barons’. For this Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags episode called Local and Luscious I was searching for a premier olive oil maker and came across Theo Stephan, founder of Global Gardens, and her amazing gourmet collection of oils, vinegars and more. Long story short, that lead me to the Solvang Farmers Market and Mary Jane Edalatpour of La Nogalera Walnut Oil. Both ladies are a foodie-force to be reckoned with and create some spectacular oils! In this RV Cooking Show episode we’ll learn a bit about their groves and their oils and make two show-stopping dishes…one to start the meal and one to finish it. After visiting with Theo we’ll prepare an easy and elegant Baked Goat Cheese Salad with a simple vinaigrette. We’ll take Mary Jane’s walnut oil for a spin with our Walnut Honey Sauced Brownie after stopping by her organic walnut grove. Watch the Local and Luscious episode and visit my website to print the... Read more

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