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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminWe recently returned from an extended European and North African walkabout. For this trip, we left the Airstream and most of our worldly possessions at home. We brought only a couple of backpacks as our principal luggage. I also brought a day pack that contained extra camera gear. (It’s the camera gear that really weighs me down.) When we departed the United States, we didn’t have a firm plan with regards to itinerary. We simply knew we would fly into Madrid, and travel on from there. Over the course of three months, we visited Spain (Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona), Portugal (the southern coast including Pria De Luz, Lagos, Lisbon), Morocco (Marrakesh and the Sahara Desert), France (Lyon, Paris), and Germany (Limburg). We also spent time in Belgium (Brussels, briefly) and England (London) before returning to North America on the Queen Mary 2. Or as Kristy summed it up in a status update: 12 weeks, 7 countries, 15 cities, 9 train trips, 3 intercontinental flights, 1 transatlantic crossing, 1 rental car, 1 minibus, 2 camels, 12 hotels, 3 apartments,... Read more


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By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers It’s dark, very dark.  We’re in a park with very few lights to distract us from appreciating our nighttime surroundings.  We are cradled in silence.  This is what nature camping is all about. But wait!  As we lay back in our outdoor recliners, letting go of all the cares of the day just passed, we see lights.  We hear sounds. Tiny lights are overhead, thousands of them, maybe millions, maybe billions, but who’s counting?  We pick out a series of stars that we recognized from National Park ranger talks as being constellations.  We never could envision all the mythical arrangements seen by Romans and Greeks thousands of years ago, but we know the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia. Like an exercise in finding familiar figures in the clouds or focusing on the spaces between clusters of leaves, we don’t concentrate for very long on the arrangements we know but rather on the twinkling and steady shining specks across the panoply of sky.  Thankfully, our moon is nowhere in sight. And speaking of clouds, there’s that wispy area – not clouds, but the billions of stars visible in the Milky Way.  That bright unsteady glow in the east is Venus; the faint orange dot is Mars. Red flashing dots blink far away.  An airplane taking businessmen to tomorrow morning’s meetings.  Grandma en route to her annual visit with the kids.  College students off to see friends or to lounge on blistering sand beaches.  We’re... Read more

“How to Buy an Airstream” eBook ON SALE THIS WEEK!

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If you’re interested in buying an Airstream, or even another brand or style of RV, check out the #1 bestselling “How to Buy an Airstream” ebook ( which is ON SALE this week as an Amazon Kindle Countdown deal. The initial sale price is only 99 cents! As the week progresses, the price will edge upwards, so it’s best to act now. ON SALE THIS WEEK! (Click the pic for more info.) The #1 Guide For Airstream Shoppers The iconic Airstream trailer is a legend amongst seasoned RV travelers. After more than 80 years of production, the classic aluminum skinned pods are found in highways and campgrounds throughout North America. Today Airstreams are more popular than ever, but finding the right one isn’t an easy task. Supply is surprisingly scarce. Independent, Objective, & Opinionated It’s crucial that buyers – especially first time Airstream owners – proceed with caution when leaping into this lifestyle. A mistake in this transaction could cost thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair bills, not to mention much emotional grief along the way. Topics include: How and where to find Airstream bargains How to negotiate with dealers How to win eBay auctions The truth about vintage Airstream prices Airstream inspection tips Advice on tow vehicles Again, the Kindle Countdown sale runs this week only. If you want this book at a bargain price, click here to get your copy!  Read More →

Upgrade Your Rig with a TITAN Large Capacity Fuel Tank

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We’ve been pulling together a list of tips for RV travelers who might want to go to Alaska. One of the best involves upgrading to a large capacity fuel tank ( by Titan. Install one of these bad boys in your truck and you are pretty much guaranteed to save money. You can almost DOUBLE your fuel capacity with a Titan tank. (Click the pic for more info.) Here’s the deal with a trip to Alaska, or any long trip: you gotta buy fuel. The Titan fuel tank gives you a much larger fuel capacity in your truck. So you can load up on fuel when you find it at cheaper prices. This is crucial for any American who ventures into Canada, where fuel prices can be extremely high. In the Yukon Territory, we have paid $8 a gallon for diesel. Even in more urban areas of Canada, fuel costs are high. You see, Canada offers “free” health care. The way “free” health care works? You pay for it every day, every time you buy any product or service, whether you use said health care or not. “Free” health care is one key reason that Canadian fuel prices are so exorbitant. (To my Canadian friends: please don’t shoot the messenger.) So it makes sense to load up on fuel in the USA before venturing into the Great White North. We met an American traveler in the Yukon territory once who combined a Titan tank with an additional fuel reservoir in the bed of his truck. “I never buy any fuel in Canada,” he told us. “I buy enough in the States to drive through Canada... Read more

Nikon’s Outstanding D7100 DSLR Camera

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We all like to take pictures when we travel, and many of us want the quality of a DSLR. Consider the Nikon D7100 ( This is Nikon’s “flagship” DX camera (we’ll explain more about what that means in a moment). The D7100 features a solid weather sealed metal construction. (Click the pic for more info.) As happy D7000 owners for more than two years, we immediately upgraded to the D7100. Rather than rehash all of the camera specs in this review, we’ll focus on what has changed vis-a-vis the previous camera. 24.1 MEGAPIXEL SENSOR, 1.3x CROP MODE, NO AA FILTER Although we didn’t really care about having more megapixels, there are advantages. The most obvious is cropping and the 1.3x crop mode is a nice feature if you are into bird & wildlife photography. The D7100 crop mode delivers an in camera crop that essentially discards pixels around the outer perimeter of the image (instead of a 6000×4000 DX image, the camera captures a cropped 4800×3200 image). Because the resulting cropped files are smaller (about 16 megapixel) the cameras gets a slight boost in frame rate to 7 fps. There are focusing advantages as well, since all 51 focus points cover almost the entire frame of the image. Nikon has tweaked the controls, mostly for the better. (Click the pic for more info.) Nikon has worked wonders with the D7100’s 24.1 megapixel sensor, delivering amazing resolution detail while keeping noise in check. The noise that appears... Read more

VIDEO: Locked Out of Our Own Rig!

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Okay, so it finally happened to us. We managed to lock ourselves out of our Airstream. If only we’d had hidden a secret Master Lock Keycase on our RV we’d saved ourselves a lot of trouble. “How did this happen,” you ask? (And yes, I can hear you snickering.) It was easy! On an Airstream there are two door locks. One of these is a deadbolt-style lock. We use it on a daily basis. With a Master Lock magnetic key storage box, you can secretly place spare keys onto your rig! The box is not branded, for extra stealth. (Click the pic for more info.) The second lock is a sliding door lock that allows you to EXIT the camper, but prevents you from getting back inside! It puts your Airstream door into hotel door mode, if you know what I mean. This lock we call “THE FORBIDDEN LOCK.” Quite frankly, I don’t think the forbidden lock serves much purpose, other than to lock unwitting campers out of their rig. I mean, you’ve already got the deadbolt for security purposes. The forbidden lock is just kind of cruel. It just lies there, like a spider, just waiting to pounce. So we never (intentionally) use the forbidden lock. But somehow, we must’ve managed to accidentally bump the sliding lever that engages the lock. Voila! Soon enough, we found ourselves locked outside our Airstream. It was about 8 o’clock at night, the sun was setting, and I SWEAR we heard some wolves howling in the distance. And if you’re wondering... Read more

Charge Your Electronics with a Solar Recharging Kit

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As RV campers, we’re always on the lookout for quality power options. One of the most interesting is solar. The Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit ( is a portable solar power kit that’s especially designed for portable gadgets like phones, iPods, Kindles, tablets, and so forth. It promises to be especially handy for boondocking. It's small - about the size of an old fashioned novel. This is a cool option for recharging your portable electronics ANYWHERE. Click the pic for more info! With the Guide 10, you can charge AA/AAA batteries with the included solar panel. You can also power your phone, MP3, GPS, or tablet in a pinch. You can plug your device directly into the panels. This Guide 10 works with most USB powered devices and all devices using AA/AAA batteries. The Guide 10 Plus is best used with smaller USB power devices. The Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit is a 7-watt charger. A fully charged Guide 10 Plus will give an average MP3 player up to 3 recharges, a smartphone 2 recharges, and will extend the battery life of a tablet or e-reader by up to 50%. But you can also charge AA/AAA batteries from solar. With 7 watts of charging power this solar panel will charge the rechargeable battery pack in about 3-4 hours. The mono-crystalline solar panel claims to be the most efficient panel on the market. The USB input means you can also use just the solar panel to plug your device directly in to recharge. There are a couple of ways to recharge... Read more

Keep Your RV Plumbing Free of Hair & Debris – for Cheap!

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If you want to keep hair and other unwanted substances out of your RV plumbing system, pick up some sink strainers ( These things are cheap and work a treat. Bright colors help the strainers stand out in the sink. (Click the pic to get your own.) Quite simply, the best way to keep your RV plumbing system in good shape is to only put the right things in it. When hair gets through the shower drain into the pipes, it can eventually plug up the works. This creates a mess, and a problem for you to fix. So it’s best to simply prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place. The strainers are available in chrome and multicolored options. The idea is that these strainers are catch-all’s that trap junk while allowing the waste water to flow freely. The bright colors are intended to help prevent the strainers from getting lost in the sink. I like the chrome look as well, but be advised that it is “chromed plastic” and the finish will eventually wear off. The strainers fit one way and can be used in home kitchens and boats as well as RVs. So you might just want to pick up a 10-pack so that all of your drains are covered. This is a simple product that many RV owners are praising. Special thanks to Vinnie Lamica of Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream Repair for bringing this product to our attention.  Read More →

VIDEO: Boondocking and POWER (Generators, Propane, etc.)

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Here’s a new episode of “The Loloho Show,” our ongoing chat series that broadcasts to our YouTube Channel ( In this episode, we yap about RV boondocking and power. How do we get power when we are camping in the wild (including the wild Walmart parking lots)? As you’ll see, we have two solutions: gasoline (power extracted via the generator method) and liquified propane. So grab some popcorn (or some juicy tomatoes to toss in Sean’s dirction) and enjoy the video! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more fun free videos. Get your OWN “moka pot” for coffee! And by the way, here’s our generator!  Read More →

VIDEO: Greasing Your Trailer’s Wheel Bearings

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One of the most vital regular trailer maintenance jobs involves wheel bearings. And yes, if you prefer you can buy your own wheel bearing kit ( and do-it-yourself. If your bearings just need grease instead of replacing, get some Royal Purple bearing grease ( Own a trailer? As you prep your rig for summer travel, don’t forget this crucial task. Wheel bearings are a key component of the trailer axle. They are lubricated with grease. It’s absolutely critical that wheel bearings on an Airstream or other travel trailer are inspected and receive fresh grease every 10,000 miles or so. Yes, you can buy a wheel bearing kit and do this job yourself. (Click the pic for more info.) The cost of this maintenance is a couple hours of labor, which usually is around $200-250. No one enjoys shelling out cash for seemingly mundane maintenance items, but it simply must be done. What’s the downside risk to not doing this maintenance? Read more  Read More →

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