Streamin’ TV in da RV

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminOne of our favorite methods of watching TV in our RV is by using our Roku box ( What is a Roku? It’s an Internet streaming video device that delivers 1000+ different channels of video content. In recent years, Roku has added more and more channels and now boasts everything from ESPN to YouTube. The Roku box is tiny, which makes it ideal for use in an RV. (Click the pic for more info.) You simply plug the Roku into your TV, connect to a wifi network, and start adding channels of interest. If you are paying for cable TV, switching to Roku can save you a lot of money. Content is “free” in that there’s no subscription to Roku (of course there may be a subscription for certain premium channels like HBO). The only subscription channels we use are Netflix and Amazon Prime. (Amazon Prime is a fantastic service for Amazon shoppers that offers free 2-day shipping on all purchases, a free Kindle lending library, as well as other benefits. For example, if you are a current subscriber to Amazon Prime, you get access to a huge library... Read more

Heating an RV the Old Fashioned Way

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Recently I was discussing winter storage with an RV owning friend of mine. “We don’t winterize our RV,” he explained. “Instead we keep a DeLonghi Safeheat radiatorhref=””> running during our coldest nights. It helps to keep the pipes and tanks warm.” Understand that we’re Southerners, and we enjoy a relatively mild winter. Even during the coldest month of the year (January), the average daily low temperature remains above freezing (34 degrees, to be precise). We rarely experience sustained periods of temperatures below the freezing point. We have the 1500W DeLonghi Safeheat radiator and it does a great job. (Click the pic for more info.) In the Deep South, it’s not uncommon for RV owners to go a full winter without winterization – we’ve just got to make sure our RV pipes and tanks stay warm throughout the occasional freezing night. We typically run our propane heat furnace (with the thermostat set to a temperature just above freezing) on nights when temperatures are dropping below the freezing mark. But an electric radiator can help accomplish the same goal. I was intrigued by the radiator solution. My parents also have a href=””>DeLonghi Safeheat portable radiator in their house... Read more

Warmskin Balaclava Only $10.48!

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The key to enjoying winter is staying warm. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) The key to staying warm? Besides hot chocolate, it’s all about having the right winter gear. There’s a #1 bestselling piece of gear ( that I always bring along – even if it does make me look like a professional criminal. What gear am I referencing? For extra warmth in wintertime, go for a "warmskin" balaclava! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Why, it’s my balaclava, of course. The highly regarded Warmskin Balaclava is now available for a mere $10.48 (give or take a few pennies). Yes, I said balaclava. Anytime you must venture outside into the arctic tundra, it’s money well spent. No, I’m not talking about a delicious sweet dessert made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey – that’s baklava. And yes, baklava can be eaten while wearing a balaclava – if you pull the mask up to expose your mouth. A balaclava is a form of cloth headgear that covers the whole head, exposing only part of the face. Often only the eyes are left exposed. A balaclava offers wonderful warmth for the face and head in winter. It can also be an important safety device when windy conditions threaten to invoke frostbite. The name “balaclava” comes from the town of Balaklava in the Ukraine. I’ve visited the Ukraine before – in February. Just say the word “Ukraine” and my teeth... Read more

Hey Big Buddy! Meet the Big Boy of “Indoor Safe” Propane Heaters

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We’ve discussed the Little Buddy and the Portable Buddy propane heaters. What’s else does the clever Mr Heater have up his toasty warm sleeve? Meet (you guessed it) Big Buddy! ( Taking portable propane powered passion to the next level, Big Buddy boasts an 18,000 BTU/HR capacity and can heat up to 400 square feet. If you own a big rig RV or have larger heating needs, then “Big Buddy” may be your new best friend. Hey BIG BUDDY! Meet the Big Boy of INDOOR SAFE portable propane heaters. (Click the pic for more info.) Big Buddy combines radiant heat with convection heat air flow for maximum heating efficiency. A built-in blower fan circulates heated air. The blower fan operates on 4D-cell batteries or with optional 6-volt A/C adapter. Now, about that fan… Frankly, users have mixed opinions about the effectiveness of the fan. In fact, some would say that the fan is a waste of time and D batteries. But thankfully, the fan is really not necessary because Big Buddy kicks out BIG HEAT. While folks may quibble about the fan, no one denies that Big Buddy is a heat volcano (without all the unpleasant lava). Big Buddy has several heat settings that allow one to control heat levels according to need. The four-position heat control features a camping-style Piezo ignition (you know the type – just push and click). It offers pilot/lo/med/hi settings. Yes, Big Buddy is indoor safe. These units boast a built-in low oxygen sensor and a tip... Read more

Take Better “Selfies” with the Polaroid Selfie Stick

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For many of us, photos are our favorite souvenirs from our RV camping travels. These days, the “selfie” is all the rage. Now you can take better selfies with this innovative gadget: the Polaroid Selfie Stick ( It’s a handy tool for anyone who enjoys taking selfies, and makes a great gift. The "selfie stick" makes for much better photographs. It's a simple tool that works well. (Click the pic for more info.) Selfies have become popular in recent years, especially with the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s human nature to want to personally appear in the photos of our travels. There’s only one problem with selfies. They usually stink. Allow me to rephrase that statement: selfies are usually not very good photographs. They are usually poorly composed, and feature too much “self” and not enough of the surrounding environment. This is because holding a camera at arm’s length simply isn’t a good way to compose a photo. Enter the selfie stick. The Polaroid selfie stick is actually a Bluetooth enabled Monopod that has been specially crafted for this purpose. It makes selfies and the like easy to shoot while producing much more satisfying results. This turns selfies into much better photos. Having the right photo gadgets makes all the difference when traveling. The selfie extender is the sort of gadget that has many uses beyond the simple selfie. In addition to taking selfies, the extender... Read more

Hey Little Buddy! A Tiny Portable Propane Heater

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What’s the smallest portable propane heater? Tough to say, but it’s hard to find anything much more portable than the appropriately named “Little Buddy” ( by Mr Heater. If you want a highly portable but indoor safe propane heat solution, look no further. This is handy inside the RV or out in the campsite. Hey Little Buddy! The Little Buddy by Mr Heater is small enough to take just about anywhere. (Click the pic for more info.) The Little Buddy takes the Mr Heater propane heat concept to the logical extreme. Measuring only 12 by 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches, this is a product you can take just about anywhere. Yet it kicks out some 3800 BTUs of heat. That’s enough to heat a 100 square foot room. For many RVs, this heater will be perfect in size and functionality. It would be a great supplemental heat source in many situations. Again, the real upside of this heater is portability. Although the Little Buddy is indoor safe, it’s also made to deliver heat outside. For example, this is a heater you can sit near the picnic table with no reservation. Many people take these heaters on hunting trips or even to the driving range. Little Buddy delivers continuous odor-free heat for up to 5-1/2 hours. It’s controlled via simple on/off buttons. As for fuel, it uses 1-pound disposable propane cylinders. You know, the little green tanks. There are a couple of nice indoor safety features. Little Buddy boasts a low-oxygen sensor and an accidental... Read more


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As winter weather descends, we’re always looking for ways to heat our RV. That’s why the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy propane heater ( caught our eye. This device is unique because it’s an indoor safe portable heater. We have two heat systems on board our RV: an electric heat pump and a propane heat furnace. When the going gets cold, we’ve found it useful to supplement the built-in heat sources on our Airstream with an extra space heater. This "Portable Buddy" heater is powered by ordinary propane tanks. It's made to fit the standard size small green tanks, but is easily adapted for refillable tanks. (Click the pic for more info.) Mr. Heater “Portable Buddy” is an indoor safe propane powered space heater. It’s intended for use at campsites, tailgating, sporting events, on work sites, inside garages, and so forth. Since we often boondock in places without electricity, the propane solution is an appealing idea. Even better, it’s useful outside as well as inside. INDOOR SAFE Mr. Heater “Portable Buddy” is an indoor safe propane powered space heater. The idea here is a heater you can take anywhere, from the picnic table to inside your RV. Some people take these on hunting trips and so forth. It’s made for the little disposable green tanks, but easily adapted for refillable tanks. Of course, refillable tanks are better for the environment and the bank account. A small 4-pound refillable... Read more

Protect Your RV Rig with the Best Anti-Corrosion Lube

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We discuss maintenance a lot on this blog. As many of us place our rigs into winter storage, it’s wise to do some RV maintenance. Over time, regular maintenance will save you a lot of money. One of our favorite maintenance products is Boeshield T-9 ( which is simply the best anti-corrosion lubricant we’ve ever tried. Remember, it’s cheaper to properly maintain your equipment than to replace it. So you are best advised to find enjoyment in maintenance. Read more  Read More →

DEAL: Merrell Shoes 40% Off!

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TODAY, NOVEMBER 12, ONLY: Selected Merrell Jungle Moc shoes are 40% Off as a “DEAL OF THE DAY” ( If you want a pair of the best camping shoes (heck, arguably the best shoes, period) this is an excellent opportunity to get a deal. Jungle Mocs are a #1 bestseller and thus rarely go on such a discounted sale. Yet with the holidays approaching, these deals sometimes become available. When the opportunity exists we often grab a pair. I recently picked up a third pair of Merrell Jungle Mocs ( Although my first two pair are still in great shape – they seem to last forever – I wanted to add a different color. (Insert Imelda Marcos joke here.) These are the best shoes we’ve found for RV camping. How so? Let’s consider some of the unique attributes of RV camping. In a typical day, you go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. Get the picture? My wife and I like to remove our shoes when stepping indoors. We aren’t strict about it, but if possible we prefer not to track mud and dirt all over our RV floor. So our preference is for shoes that are easily removable (no laces), comfortable, and versatile. If your shoes have extensive lacing, you’ll spend about five hours a day tying and untying your footwear. Look ma! No hands! (Click the pic for more info.) In... Read more

The Secret to Better RV Sleep

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Quality sleep is essential to enjoying life. If you don’t sleep well, you probably won’t have a good day. Yet many RVs are poorly equipped in the sleep department. It all starts with an essential product ( that sadly is an afterthought in many RVs. What product are we discussing? No, it’s not the oven. It’s not the refrigerator. It’s not the water heater. It’s the (you guessed it)… Read more  Read More →

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