Forget Ebola; This is Much More Frightening

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminIt’s one of the most terrifying situations an RV traveler can experience. It’s also among the most deadly. And it’s something that happens to almost everyone, sooner or later. That’s why we carry this $7 purchase ( You know you will need it someday; the only question is when. What situation are we discussing, and why is it so terrifying? Here's the Neiko vest in EXTRA LARGE. You may want to go up a size since this vest is meant to be work over other clothing, including coats and jackets. (Click the pic for more info.) Surely we must be concerned with homicide, or war, or grizzly bear attack? My goodness – is it ebola? Not so fast, my friends. Let’s consider some statistics. We have about 319 million people living in the United States (many of them legally). Every year in the United States, 127 people die in military conflict. 16,259 die due to homicide. Grizzly bear attack? Well, yes, there are usually a couple of annual deaths due to bear attack. Let’s chalk up 2 for the bears. Oh, and one more... Read more

TODAY ONLY: Merrell’s Best Shoes 40% Off!

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TODAY, OCTOBER 17, ONLY: Merrell Jungle Moc shoes are 40% Off as a DEAL OF THE DAY ( If you want a pair of the best camping shoes (heck, arguably the best shoes, period) this is an excellent opportunity to get a deal. Jungle Mocs are incredibly popular and thus rarely go on such a discounted sale. I recently picked up a third pair of Merrill Jungle Mocs ( Although my first two pair are still in great shape – they seem to last forever – I wanted to add a different color. (Insert Imelda Marcos joke here.) These are the best shoes I’ve found for RV camping. How so? Let’s consider some of the unique attributes of RV camping. In a typical day, you go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. Get the picture? My wife and I like to remove our shoes when stepping indoors. We aren’t strict about it, but if possible we prefer not to track mud and dirt all over our RV floor. So our preference is for shoes that are easily removable (no laces), comfortable, and versatile. If your shoes have extensive lacing, you’ll spend about five hours a day tying and untying your footwear. Look ma! No hands! (Click the pic for more info.) In ideal weather, my favorite camping shoe is a pair of Crocs flip flops. (Crocs is a longtime favorite, and you can read our ode to these flip... Read more

VIDEO: How to Back Up a Travel Trailer

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A few years ago we posted a video on our YouTube Channel revealing our “secret sauce” for backing up a travel trailer. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you’ll never miss an update.) Quite simply, there’s a simple technique that makes things go MUCH easier. Once we mastered this simple technique, any problems with backing up our rig pretty much went away. Now we have created a “sequel” of sorts to that video. Our new video goes into more detail with regards to our own trailer backing technique. If you attend any RV shows or events, you’re certain to see this technique in action. I’m sure that all experienced RV campers have their own routines for this sort of task. Our goal with this video is to outline our own routine. CHILD'S PLAY: With experience and THE SCOOP (tm), you too will master the art of backing up a trailer rig. We’re not saying that we know everything there is to know about backing up a trailer rig. There’s always something new to learn. But at this point, we’ve backed up our own 25-foot Airstream so many times, the task really isn’t stressful at all. It’s routine. Heck, at times it’s even – dare I say it? – fun! Heck, even as experienced RV travelers, we always like to hear different perspectives and fresh ideas. Maybe some of you grizzled veteran campers will glean some new info here. We hope that newcomers may benefit from this video. It wasn’t so long ago... Read more

RECIPE: Caper Mayo Salmon Burgers with Sesame Sautéed Green Beans

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Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Food Scale ( by Kristy Michael “Honey, what’s for dinner?” How often are you asked that question? Heck, how often do you ask yourself that question?! If you’re like me, it’s a daily challenge to find something out of the ordinary to cook at meal times. Finding a new and tasty recipe that doesn’t contain a million calories can be the biggest challenge of all. These days we are trying to choose healthy ingredients – and are even weighing the portions with a food scale – but we don’t want to compromise on taste. So if you’re stuck in a rut and need a healthy way to satisfy your burger-and-fries craving, look no further. This recipe for Caper Mayo Salmon Burgers with Sesame Sautéed Green Beans is it! It sounds fancy and tastes FANTASTIC but is easy to quickly prepare in any basic RV kitchen. Here's the finished product: Caper Mayo Salmon Burgers and Sesame Sautéed Green Beans! Caper Mayo Salmon Burgers with Sesame Sautéed Green Beans Main Ingredients: 2 whole wheat hamburger buns (I use the fresh ones from the Publix bakery) 2 (4 oz.) Salmon filets (I weigh the portions with our Smart Weigh food scale) 2 tablespoons mayonnaise (I use olive oil mayo, but light mayo is fine too) 1 tablespoon capers, rinsed A few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil (if you need to measure, I consider a “drizzle” to be about a teaspoon) 1 bunch of fresh arugula Greek Seasoning (I like... Read more

SUNDAY ONLY: Energizer 7-LED Headlamp “Lightning Deal”

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On Sunday September 28, there’s a special “Lightning Deal” sale on the the Energizer 7-LED headlamp ( This is a premium headlamp that includes four light modes plus a strobe feature, a pivoting water-resistant head, and an improved, wider comfort strap. Here's a chance to get a GREAT DEAL on a high quality LED headlamp. (Click the pic for more info.) When you RV camp, you often find yourself going outside at night to address some issue. Maybe you need to retrieve an item from your outside storage compartment. Maybe your generator needs fuel. Maybe you need to empty your water tanks. Maybe you need to hitch your rig. Maybe a grizzly bear is biting your picnic table (err, in that case I suggest you stay inside). 7 LEDs with 4 Light Modes The Energizer 7-LED headlamp features six white LEDs and one red LED that together create four different light modes. Access the white light in the form of area, spot, or flood light; alternately turn on the red night vision with the push button switch. In addition, there is a strobe feature. The headlamp’s LEDs provide a maximum output of 100 lumens of bright white light and reach a distance of 25 meters. Versatile Features The headlamp’s water-resistant construction and flexible headband with comfort cushioning make it enjoyable to wear for long stretches of time in tough conditions. The Energizer 7-LED headlamp pivots up to 90 degrees to aim light where you need it without removing it entirely.... Read more

“TOP 5″ RV Applications for the SECRET SPRAY that’s Taken the Automotive World by Storm

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Every once in a while, we come across a product that’s so unusual, so ingenious, so… weird? … that we MUST get some for ourselves, even though we aren’t sure exactly HOW we’re going to use it. That was the case with this irresistible stuff (, that for the past few years has been a well kept secret of automotive enthusiasts around the country. It’s sold in aerosol cans and dip containers, but today we’re talking about the spray. You probably see it in use every day. It’s available in many different colors (including no color at all). This stuff has become so popular, in fact, that it’s become a craze. Once we realized what could be done with it, we had to have some. What the heck are we talking about here? CLICK THE PIC to getcha some! Why, Plasti Dip, of course. And no, it has nothing to do with cheese or tortilla chips. Never heard of Plasti Dip? Plasti Dip is a rubber coating that can be easily applied by dipping, brushing or spraying. Spray on rubber? Hallelujah! This is the sort of “miracle in a can” that inspires redblooded American males everywhere to start spraying everything in sight – just to see what happens. Indeed, not since the dawn of WD-40 have there been so many euphoric cries of “Eureka!” heard in greasy garages around the world. Husbands have gleefully rejoiced, while their wives have shaken their heads in befuddled bemusement. What makes Plasti Dip so great? You get all the... Read more

REVIEW: “The Ultimate Portable Task Light”

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Packed with quality components, the Trie TL3100 ( portable task light has several thoughtful design features that set it apart from its competition. The Trie company recently sent us a TL3100 for review; here’s what we discovered. Is this "the ultimate portable task light?" Who knows, but it's pretty darned good. (Click the pic for more info.) If Apple made a portable light, it might turn out something like the Trie TL3100. This is a premium product boasting a distinctive and well executed design. Any gearhead, grease monkey, or outdoors enthusiast would be happy to have this light in a garage, workplace, or campsite. Trie’s attention to detail starts with the packaging. The TL3100 comes housed in an elegant black box adorned with a minimum of visual clutter. Inside the box rests the work light itself, an AC/DC charging adapter, a sturdy lanyard cord, and a protective silk sleeve case. There’s also an easy-to-read instruction manual that explains the light’s features. Like the packaging, the product boasts a similar minimalist design. Is it weird to call a task light beautiful? Perhaps, but that description applies to the TL3100. When the light assembly rests in the closed position, it appears to be a cohesive triangular block of crimson aluminum. It is slender and sleek and smooth to the touch. The Trie feels solid in the hand. It’s not heavy, but it is substantial because it’s made from quality materials.... Read more


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Ladies, we kindly request that you refrain from reading this article. DEAL: Heavyweight Classic Messenger Bag ( Men, we’ve written about the this dilemma before. You know the problem. We’re carrying more stuff than ever. Back in the day, a guy could get through the day with little more than an ignition key, a five dollar bill, and a pocket comb. Here's the messenger bag in a MANLY shade of olive green. (Click the pic to get your own.) But these days, most of us have a phone. Sometimes it’s even a smart one. (Dumb phones are getting harder to find.) We also have a tablet, an iPad or whatever, for those times we want a screen large enough to actually read. What about books? Yes, a few of us die hards still read those “dead tree” editions. Say what you will about paper – it does the job and the batteries never quit. Of course we may have a laptop computer – for those times we want an actual keyboard for actual typing. Of course I can’t read anything without my prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Stripped of these crucial items, my world is little more than a colorful blur. And hand sanitizer? Sorry, but I never leave the house without an industrial sized bottle of that stuff. Some say it kills Ebola. While I don’t know about that claim, no one ever died from killing too many germs. Make fun of me if you like; maybe I’ll send flowers when you’re in the hospital with Ebola. Here's the bag in manly... Read more

DEAL: French Press Coffee Maker 56% Off!

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One of the best methods of making coffee while RV camping is the French press. Here’s a great deal on the #1 bestselling SterlingPro French Press ( It’s marked down more than half price, and includes two stainless steel screens (valued at $25) as a FREE bonus! If you’ve never used a French press before, you’re in for a treat. The #1 bestselling French press is now available at a great price. (Click the pic for more info.) Making coffee by this method is simple and fast, and the results are delicious. In fact, many coffee connoisseurs believe the French press makes the best tasting coffee. The French press is a great tool for RV campers because it does not require electricity. All you need is hot water, which of course can be obtained via a propane stove, campfire, or whatever method you choose. Your first step is to add ground coffee to the press container. It’s usually best to use coarsely ground coffee since it is more easily strained by the press screens. However, this SterlingPro unit features a “dual screen” design that it claims will allow no grounds in your coffee. So one would assume that most non-espresso grinds would be just fine with this press. Next you simply add piping hot water. After letting the coffee steep for a few moments, you simply “press” the grounds to the bottom of the carafe and your coffee is ready to pour. This SterlingPro French press brews 34 ounces of coffee, which translates to about 8... Read more

“Drone Crashes in Yellowstone National Park!”

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Like many photographers, in recent years we’ve acquired a drone for aerial shots. Our drone of choice is the popular DJI Phantom series (, but there are many such products on the market. What is a drone? Simply stated, it’s a remotely controlled flying device, usually some form of quadcopter, that’s often equipped with a camera. Drones allow us to capture sky high images from RV shows and events that previously would have been unobtainable. They are wonderful storytelling tools. It looks a little scary, eh? (Click the pic for more info.) As a drone owner, I appreciate the incredible promise of this new technology. Since we purchased our own drone, we’ve integrated the shots into our video and photo projects on our website Long Long Honeymoon, and they have provided a fresh new perspective. Drones are already being used in search and rescue efforts (they are much cheaper to operate than helicopters). Amazon claims they may someday be used to deliver packages. Like it or not, drones are becoming more common in our lives. The only guarantee with technology is that it will continually improve. When we acquired our own drone, I was immediately impressed with its incredible potential. “This is the coolest tech gadget I’ve bought since my original iPhone, “ I told my wife. “In five years, these things will either be everywhere, or they will be illegal.” GUNS ARE OKAY. DRONES? NO WAY!? It didn’t take five years for my words... Read more

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