Maintaining Your RV Water Heater, Part 2

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our E-mail Digest or RSS Feed. We will then send you the stories that are posted each day in an e-mail digest. We use a service called Feedburner for delivery of these emails. You will receive an e-mail from Feedburner after you subscribe and you must click on that email to activate your subscription. Thanks for visiting and enjoy all the information! RV.Net Blog AdminRinsing the inside of your RV water heater clean with a rinse wand ( is the first step towards maintaining it. The next step is to install a fresh ALUMINUM ANODE ROD ( into the unit. This begs another question: what the heck is an aluminum anode rod? Replacing your ALUMINUM ANODE ROD will help extend the life of your RV water heater. (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Anode rods are designed to prevent the harmful buildup of corrosion inside your water heater. They work by attracting the corrosive elements themselves. Instead of attacking the interior of your valuable appliance, corrosive elements are attracted to the rod. The enemy of your water heater (not to mention just about every other piece of metal you own) is corrosion. It’s harmful corrosion that will lead to the unit’s untimely death. If your unit’s anode rod is working, it will take the brunt of the damage. Hence these rods are intended to be replaced on a regular basis. Many RV owners choose to replace the rods when winterizing their RVs. When... Read more

VIDEO: RV Camping at DISNEY WORLD… on Halloween!

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Recently, a YouTube subscriber (click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and NEVER miss an update asked us to name a few favorite camping locales we’ve discovered on our Long, Long Honeymoon travels. I’m partial to remote, rural, dry camping sites out West, in obscure places far removed from civilization. But my wife has different tastes. Her favorite is probably that little full hookup spot we found down in Florida. What was its name? Oh, right… Walt Disney World. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Any way you slice it, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground offers an outstanding RV camping experience. Here are a few thoughts about camping with Mickey… Read more  Read More →

Have you cleaned your RV water heater? Here’s how.

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Since many of us are winterizing our RVs, we might as well go ahead and do some preventative maintenance too. The Camco Water Heater Tank Rinser Wand ( will help extend the life of your water heater. Here's a photo of a rinser wand alongside our rig on the Alaska Highway. Because just the wand by itself is kinda boring. (CLICK THE PIC to get your own.) Have you cleaned your water heater recently? Most of us, sadly, have not. Water heaters are often ignored until they stop working. All it takes is one icy cold shower to appreciate the importance of this hardy appliance. One step towards maintaining a water heater is keeping it clean. But how to clean the interior? Use this tool. The Camco water heater tank rinser wand is designed to wash out the gunk and crud (also known as “sediment”) that collects over time in the base of your RV water heater. It lifts sediment that collects at the bottom of your hot water heater and washes it out of your water heater tank. As an added bonus, it usually removes an ounce or so of towable weight (improving rig fuel efficiency by at least 0.0000000000007635%). Using this tool is easy. Just hook a garden hose to the rinser and insert the business end of the device into the water heater drain. Turn on the water and wash out your heater. Next, turn off the water and remove the wand. Note that the rinser is equipped with a shut off valve, so you shouldn’t need to squirt water all over your shoes. Fancy, fancy. Why clean... Read more

Winterize Your RV with a Blow Out Plug

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With Old Man Winter making a beeline for our neighborhood, many of us are winterizing our RVs. A blow out plug ( comes in handy for this task. It’s the best $7 you’ll invest towards winterizing your RV, protecting it from the ravages of subfreezing temps. This begs the question: what the heck is a “blow out plug” and why do you need one? CLICK THE PIC to get your OWN brass blow out plug. Your RV will thank you. Quite simply, a blow out plug helps with the removal of ALL water from your RV water lines. When winterizing your RV, you don’t want any leftover water inside the lines because it will dilute any antifreeze you may later add. It’s best to get all the water out. A blow out plug helps you blow out the water lines using – what else? – air! This Camco unit contains a “quick connect” feature (a standard Schrader valve like you might see on a car or bicycle tire) that attaches to your air compressor’s quick connect hose. Ummm, you DO have an air compressor, don’t you? Of course you do. Using a blow out plug is easy peasy (technical term). The plug itself screws into your RV’s city water inlet. Next, attach your air compressor to the plug. Open your water faucets. When you flip on the air compressor power, voila! Thanks to the pumping air, you will now completely clear your RV water lines. All residual water should be pushed through the lines. To restate the obvious, you need to make certain your... Read more


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Many RV owners are also dog owners. One of the best items we’ve found for small (and we do mean small) dogs is our Alfie Pet Sling Carrier ( This is an item especially appreciated by spoiled dogs. Available in blue, pink, and grey, this pet sling carrier is just right for our favorite teacup chihuahua – a 3 ½ pounder we call “Baby Girl.” REAL MEN WEAR PINK DOG SLINGS, but if you prefer they are available in grey and blue too! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Yes, Baby Girl is a bit spoiled. Just a bit. Since this sort of review is really all about the dog’s reaction to the product, let’s examine this sling from Baby Girl’s point-of-view. After all, if she didn’t like the sling, it wouldn’t really matter what we think of it. But she does like this sling – she likes it a lot. Baby Girl is a tiny little thing. Although she enjoys sitting on the living room couch, she insists on being placed there by a human being. The leap to or from an average couch or living room chair is just a little too much for her to contemplate. Given her diminutive size, her reluctance to jump is understandable. Leaping from the couch to the floor would be kind of like a grown man leaping from the second story of a building to the ground – it’s not something I’m going to do very often, if at all. Then there’s her issue with hardwood floors. Baby Girl hates hardwood. She finds it too slippery for her tastes. Her fear... Read more

Protect Your Valuable Electronics with an RV Surge Protector

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Traveling from location to location, RV electrical systems are especially vulnerable to damage. That’s why owning an RV surge protector like the Technology Research Surge Guard makes sense. Naturally, RV surge protectors are available in 30 Amp ( and 50 amp ( flavors. A surge protector is an investment in peace of mind for the RV owner. The threat at hand pertains to voltage. Just what the heck is voltage, and why should we care about it? You might think of voltage as being similar to water pressure. We’ve all experienced differences in water pressure. When water pressure is too high, pipe fittings may burst and leak. When it’s too low, you get a lousy shower (amongst other problems). So you might think of voltage as being like electricity pressure. There is an ideal voltage. The standard voltage in the United States is 120 volts. If everything was perfect, voltage would remain at this constant figure. However, in the real world, voltage tends to vary. Even during normal conditions, it might drop down to 110 volts, or spike up to 126 volts. But the code standard is 120 volts. PROTECT YOUR RV with a surge protector. Here's the Big Boy 50 Amp unit. (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Most electrical appliances are designed to handle small variances in voltage, say from 105 volts on the low end up to 130 volts on the high end. 125 volts won’t kill your iPad. 115 volts won’t tank your A/C. But problems happen when... Read more

The Best General Purpose Outdoor GLOVES

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My favorite pair of outdoor gloves are Head Digital Sport Running Gloves ( Don’t be fooled by the “running” moniker. These are excellent everyday gloves that are useful around an RV campsite, or any other place where you might be using your hands. (Except the shower – they aren’t much good in the shower.) These gloves are warm but not too thick. They allow great flexibility and even work with smartphones and iPads! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.) Although these are labeled “running” gloves, no running is required to enjoy them. The versatility of these gloves is what makes them so great. They are thick enough to provide warmth in winter weather, yet thin enough to allow flexibility. I enjoy wearing them on cool winter days, but they work well on cool autumn and spring days too. These Head running gloves are constructed of durable, stretchy fabric with an extended cuff design that offers ample wrist coverage. The palm and fingers of the gloves are lined with grippy rubber bits that deliver helpful traction for grabbing and gripping objects. This helps make the gloves useful when completing a variety of outdoor tasks. Many outdoor gloves are just too bulky and cumbersome for frequent wear. But these Head running gloves are slender an sleek. I can wear these gloves, for example, when handling digital SLR cameras. Due to their excellent tactile sensitivity, pushing buttons and turning control knobs is no problem. VISUAL PROOF... Read more

Forget Ebola; This is Much More Frightening

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It’s one of the most terrifying situations an RV traveler can experience. It’s also among the most deadly. And it’s something that happens to almost everyone, sooner or later. That’s why we carry this $7 purchase ( You know you will need it someday; the only question is when. What situation are we discussing, and why is it so terrifying? Here's the Neiko vest in EXTRA LARGE. You may want to go up a size since this vest is meant to be work over other clothing, including coats and jackets. (Click the pic for more info.) Surely we must be concerned with homicide, or war, or grizzly bear attack? My goodness – is it ebola? Not so fast, my friends. Let’s consider some statistics. We have about 319 million people living in the United States (many of them legally). Every year in the United States, 127 people die in military conflict. 16,259 die due to homicide. Grizzly bear attack? Well, yes, there are usually a couple of annual deaths due to bear attack. Let’s chalk up 2 for the bears. Oh, and one more thing: what about traffic accidents? Hmmm. Well, now that you mention it, that topic does merit some concern. 33,561 people die every year in traffic accidents. Yes, more Americans die in traffic accidents than war, homicide, and grizzly bear attack combined. But what about ebola? The media wants to hype ebola as the latest and greatest Monster From Out of Town. Is ebola a scary disease? Yes, it certainly sounds like an... Read more

TODAY ONLY: Merrell’s Best Shoes 40% Off!

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TODAY, OCTOBER 17, ONLY: Merrell Jungle Moc shoes are 40% Off as a DEAL OF THE DAY ( If you want a pair of the best camping shoes (heck, arguably the best shoes, period) this is an excellent opportunity to get a deal. Jungle Mocs are incredibly popular and thus rarely go on such a discounted sale. I recently picked up a third pair of Merrill Jungle Mocs ( Although my first two pair are still in great shape – they seem to last forever – I wanted to add a different color. (Insert Imelda Marcos joke here.) These are the best shoes I’ve found for RV camping. How so? Let’s consider some of the unique attributes of RV camping. In a typical day, you go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. You go outdoors. You go indoors. Get the picture? My wife and I like to remove our shoes when stepping indoors. We aren’t strict about it, but if possible we prefer not to track mud and dirt all over our RV floor. So our preference is for shoes that are easily removable (no laces), comfortable, and versatile. If your shoes have extensive lacing, you’ll spend about five hours a day tying and untying your footwear. Look ma! No hands! (Click the pic for more info.) In ideal weather, my favorite camping shoe is a pair of Crocs flip flops. (Crocs is a longtime favorite, and you can read our ode to these flip... Read more

VIDEO: How to Back Up a Travel Trailer

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A few years ago we posted a video on our YouTube Channel revealing our “secret sauce” for backing up a travel trailer. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you’ll never miss an update.) Quite simply, there’s a simple technique that makes things go MUCH easier. Once we mastered this simple technique, any problems with backing up our rig pretty much went away. Now we have created a “sequel” of sorts to that video. Our new video goes into more detail with regards to our own trailer backing technique. If you attend any RV shows or events, you’re certain to see this technique in action. I’m sure that all experienced RV campers have their own routines for this sort of task. Our goal with this video is to outline our own routine. CHILD'S PLAY: With experience and THE SCOOP (tm), you too will master the art of backing up a trailer rig. We’re not saying that we know everything there is to know about backing up a trailer rig. There’s always something new to learn. But at this point, we’ve backed up our own 25-foot Airstream so many times, the task really isn’t stressful at all. It’s routine. Heck, at times it’s even – dare I say it? – fun! Heck, even as experienced RV travelers, we always like to hear different perspectives and fresh ideas. Maybe some of you grizzled veteran campers will glean some new info here. We hope that newcomers may benefit from this video. It wasn’t so long ago... Read more

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