New Casino Proposed – Targeting RVers

August 19, 2010 by Mac McClellan · 8 Comments  
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Penn Harris Gaming is trying a different twist on the “RV friendly casino” and they hope to create a destination for a broad spectrum of travelers.   They’re starting with an existing Holiday Inn hotel about 10 miles from Harrisburg, PA and plan to build a casino and “RV World”.

I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about their plans, but as I learn more about it I’m warming up to their idea.  The state requires that all casino hotels have at least 275 rooms.  The hotel that Penn Harris hopes to convert to a casino resort only has 239, and they’re moving RVs onto the lot to make up for the additional 36 rooms.  The first image that popped into my mind was a FEMA trailer park, but that thought was quickly replaced by a more appealing one.  It seems they have a multifaceted approach to different segments of the RV community.

First, the stationary rental RV units will be themed in some way,  I’m not completely sure what they’re planning but I have visions of some being nostalgic.  One article I read suggested an RV based on the Lucille Ball movie “The Long Trailer”.  Since the idea is to appeal to families with kids I’d expect some more modern themes as well, maybe Disney movies?  Just conjecture on my part.

Besides the stationary units I’ve read that rolling rental stock is also in the plans.  A family could drive or fly in and then rent an RV at the casino and use it to tour the regional attractions.

I haven’t seen anything about space for RV travelers like us who would “bring our own” RV’s but I have to assume that an RV park would be part of the plan as well.  With all this RV focus it would be short sighted not to have one.

Of course there are several hurtles to jump before the cards and chips start flying.  The local government of Hampden Township wasn’t pleased when the RV’s started filling up a parking lot at the hotel.  They said it was an eyesore, and pointed out that the land isn’t zoned for that purpose.  Besides that,of at least equal concern, Penn Harris doesn’t yet have a gaming license for the site and is competing with three other groups for the final casino license to be granted in Pennsylvania.  So we’ll have to wait and see.

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8 Responses to “New Casino Proposed – Targeting RVers”

  1. sam on November 29th, 2011 8:45 am

    Living presently east of Reading, Pa., I would like to see another casino move near Hollywood’s. As stated somewhere else competition brings better deals. We visited Hollywood 1 time on a Wednesday last year and it was like a weekend at Atlantic City it was so full. At that time no alcohol or it wasn’t complimentary. I didn’t find what I wanted there. My woman was entertained which meant they didn’t have a $5 minimum slot pull like Hollywood casino in western Md. and no alcohol. Yes the casinos are tightening up minimums in this area. We visited A.C. last month and stayed at the Golden Nugget for 2 nights. Former Trumps Marina. Disappointing because they were remodeling and few complimentary drinks. Other casinos along the boardwalk charge for drinks and have upped the minimum slot amount. RV camping at area casinos? Would be nice.

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